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Volunteer work in Healthcare Program in Cusco-Peru

Medical Volunteers in Cusco - Peru with Volunteering SolutionsVolunteers working in this program make a genuine contribution to staff working within Peru’s hospitals, health clinics and medical centres. Volunteers mainly work in medical clinics which provide care and treatment to the people residing in the poor areas of the cities.
Depending on your medical experience and Spanish language skills you may be asked to assist with various procedures such as suturing wounds, giving vaccinations, helping with taking vital signs of patients, being involved in the daily procedures of medical centers – observing or directly providing various sorts of assistance to existing doctors and nurses. 
The Healthcare is particularly suitable for Pre medical and Medical students who want to gain valuable clinical experience. All the volunteers in this program work in the capacity of assistants to the doctors and nurses in the placements. Volunteers work for 4-5 hrs in a day for 5 days in a week. The volunteer schedule is flexible and can vary.

Healthcare Medical Work Placement Program Description

Program Requirements

Volunteers must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the program. Volunteers need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. Volunteers need to have a intermediate level of Spanish for this program. Pre medical and medical students are welcome to join the program. Volunteers must possess proof of their certifications. The minimum program duration is 2 weeks.

Project Location

The project placements are located in and around the city of Cusco. Most of the volunteer projects are located at a distance of 15-20 minutes from the accommodations and volunteers travel by either bus or taxis depending upon the distance.

During your Free Time 

Volunteers are free to visit and see places or do shopping during their free time. On the weekends most of the volunteers plan a trip to Sacred Valley or the world famous 'Macchu Picchu' - the lost city of Incas. In Cusco, you can walk around Plaza de Armas and explore the different restaurants and shopping areas.

What we provide

Airport Receive/ Transfer:Volunteers are picked up from the Cusco Airport by the local coordinator or representative. Those volunteers who are arriving overland or are already in Peru will be picked up at a meeting point decided beforehand or at the bus station. 
Orientation: A half day orientation will be provided by the local staff. Areas like culture, greetings, locations, transportation, safety and volunteer placements are given during the orientation. The orientation will be given by the local staff in Peru. 
Lodging: Volunteers are provided accommodation with local host families. By staying with a host family you will experience the local culture, customs and Peruvian way of living. Volunteers are hosted in shared bedrooms with other volunteers. Usually there are 2 bathrooms in every host family with hot showers. Accommodations are clean and comfortable. Some houses have WiFi connection and cable TV as well.
Food: Volunteers are provided with three cooked meals a day (Monday- Saturday) at the host family house. Meals vary from day to day and generally include soups, vegetable salad, rice, potatoes, juice, dessert etc. 
Insurance: Volunteers have the option to purchase Travel and Medical Insurance at a nominal extra cost from Volunteering Solutions. To buy insurance from Volunteering Solutions, please click here
In – Country travel assistance: Volunteers are assisted by the local staff and coordinators for any kind of assistance they need for their travel arrangements. The local staff and coordinators will be happy to assist you in making travel arrangements to different areas in Peru.
In-country support: 24 hours support provided by our local staff. You will be provided with the contact details of the local coordinator and staff who will be contactable 24 hrs once you are in country.
Pre-departure information: After we receive full and final payment all participants are provided by a pre-departure information booklet by e-mail which will have all vital information about your program. The Pre Departure Information Booklet provides the complete details of the country, project locations, Visas, Immunizations, Things to Pack list, Accommodations, Contact Information etc.

Start Date

Volunteers can begin their project placement on any Monday of the month. Volunteers need to arrive one day prior to their program start date.

Program Costs

Volunteering Solutions strives hard to keep costs low and offers one of the most affordable volunteer abroad programs. Compare our prices and services to other organizations and you would be surprised to see the difference. 

Program Costs

2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks5 Weeks6 Weeks7 Weeks8 WeeksExtra Weeks
Please Note: -An application fee of $200 is charged over and above the program fee as an application payment.
2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks5 Weeks6 Weeks7 Weeks8 WeeksExtra Weeks
Please Note: -An application fee of £140 is charged over and above the program fee as an application payment.
2 Weeks3 Weeks4 Weeks5 Weeks6 Weeks7 Weeks8 WeeksExtra Weeks
Please Note: -An application fee of €170 is charged over and above the program fee as an application payment.

What are you Paying For ?

    • 24 hrs Assistance and support from VS Staff
    • Comprehensive Pre- Departure Information
    • Airport Pickup 
    • Orientation 
    • Accommodation 
    • Meals
    • Insurance (Provided at an extra cost)

What's NOT Included ?

    • Airfare 
    • Visa and Visa extension fee 
    • Airport drop, airport taxes 
    • Local Transportation
    • Any personal expenses

  • Logan Mims (USA)

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    I have absolutely loved working at the health clinic. Jaime was so kind and generous and really made my Santa Rosa health clinic experience exceptional...... read more
  • Suzanne Roring-Wolozny (USA)

    Healthcare Program
    I enjoyed working at my project very much. It was very meaningful to my personal and professional life. The pre-departure booklet was very helpful in preparing for my trip. ..... read more
  • Brooke Amanda Pati (USA)

    Healthcare program
    Excellent program location because it was busy and I was able to really get hands on experience in my field. The nurses and doctors were helpful and willing to teach me how to perform their everyday tasks which further enabled me to gain experience that is unimaginable in the any volunteer program in the US...... read more
  • Mohamad Ali Najia (USA)

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    I enjoyed everything about my trip because it was my first time to South America. Although it was a different culture. I also enjoyed the patient exposure in the clinic and the laboratory experience...... read more
  • Shamus Moran (USA)

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    I very much enjoyed working a t my project. I was able to do many things that I would not be able to do in America like giving people shots and helping with suturing...... read more
  • Jin Cheng (USA)

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    I do recommend this program for Pre-med students because doctors in 3rd world countries want to teach students and are willing to give students hands on experience...... read more
  • Chris Pace (USA)

    Healthcare Program
    The clinic specializes in physical therapy and rehabilitation and has a special education center. I got to help and participate in a wide range of activities including shadowing doctors, doing triages, pulling patients records, taking the special ed. Students to school, feeding the special Kids, preparing meals and giving injections...... read more
  • Gyujae Choi (USA)

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    I liked the flexibility of the program in setting my own dates and also the support in Cusco. It was great especially hot showers and meals...... read more
  • Nicole Bayard (USA)

    Reviews - Volunteer Healthcare program in Peru with Volunteering Solutions
    The highlight was being immersed in a foreign culture and language so everything from the combis (local bus) to the food to slan of words. Our Coordinator was great, briefing us in the beginning and always checked in on how things were going and asked how she could help...... read more
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  • Lyndsey McIntyre (USA)

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    I could not have hoped for a better experience in the medical clinic, the doctors and nurses were very welcoming and I gained plenty of hands-on experience...... read more
  • Omid Moshtaghi (USA)

    Volunteering Solutions Peru Feedback - Volunteer Healthcare Program
    The program placement was fantastic and I had a great time. Everything was great about peru, the program, people, culture and hospital staff. I loved being here in Peru. ..... read more
  • Landon Kunzelman (USA)

    Volunteering Solutions Reviews - Volunteer Healthcare Program in Peru
    The pre departure booklet was very useful in helping me know what to bring and what to expect when I got to Cusco. I enjoyed getting to know the doctors and nurses and learning much from them. I had great hands on experience and made great friendships...... read more
  • Felix Lindo (USA)

    Volunteering Solutions Feedback - Volunteer Healthcare Program in Peru
    I really enjoyed working with the doctors and people at my project. The highlight of our volunteering was being able to live in a hospital and feel how doctors feel when taking care of a patient...... read more
  • Carlos Mendoza (USA)

    Volunteering Solutions Reviews - Volunteer Healthcare Program in Peru
    The placement was nice and it was interesting to learn about how different is the system here compared to the US. The highlights from the trip was making friends with the staff in the medical center...... read more
What are the Program locations in Peru?

Volunteering Solutions offers programs in Cusco and Iquitos. Cusco was the site of the historic capital of the Inca Empire and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1983 by UNESCO. It is a major tourist destination and receives almost 1.5 million visitors a year.  We also arrange programs for groups in Tambopata Rainforest areas. Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest and it is the capital of Loreto Region and Maynas Province.

Does Volunteering Solutions help with Visa?

Receiving a tourist visa for tourism purpose is the volunteer's responsibility. Volunteering Solutions strongly recommends all volunteers to apply and get a tourist visa before departing for Peru. If needed, Volunteering Solutions do provide with written document which would help volunteers in getting the Visa.

When should I apply for the volunteer programs in Peru?

We are able to offer placements on the first Monday of each month year round. Because of the increasing volume of applications, participants are requested to apply in advance to secure their spots.

How long does it take to process my application?

Once you have applied, we will send you details of your placement usually within 7-10 working days.

When do I need to arrive in Peru for my program?

All volunteers need to arrive one day before their program start date. Volunteers are picked up from the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in Cusco by the local coordinator or representative. Those volunteers who are joining the project in Iquitos will be picked up from Iquitos Airport.

How do I get to the program location?

Your country coordinator will take you to your placement and introduce you to everyone after giving you a basic orientation about the program/city/culture etc.

I want to know more about accommodation arrangements?

We provide you with accommodation from your start date to the end of the program. Accommodation will be provided in a host family or homestay.  You will have your own room, which you might share with another volunteer. You should bring along things like towels and toiletries. Accommodation will be neat, clean and basic.

Are there any necessary requirements to participate in the Peru-based volunteer programs?

The only qualifications are: -
-- Volunteers must be 17 years or older at the beginning of the program
-- Volunteers need to have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment.
-- The volunteer should bring energy and enthusiasm to make a difference.
-- Be in good health.

What immunizations/vaccinations will I need?

We recommend you speak to your doctor before coming. The following are recommended vaccinations: -

  1. Hepatitis A and B
  2. Typhoid

Are there more expenses once I arrive in Peru?

Your program fee covers you for food, accommodation, airport pick up, Orientation, Pre departure information and in country staff support. You will need to cover yourself for your personal expenses, such as traveling, telephone, internet, shopping, sightseeing etc. Traveling from Bus within Peru is cheap; however, you should carry around $40 - 50 per week for your basic personal expenses, such as water, local transport, phone etc.

What hours will I volunteer every day?

Volunteers usually work for 5 to 6 hours a day depending on their program. You will have weekend off so you can go to travel on weekends. However some organizations will need you to work on some Saturdays as well.

Where can I change my money in Peru? Are there ATMs in Peru?

You can change money in any bank or at the airport by showing your passport. There are ATMs located all around Cusco and Iquitos city.

Can couples or families join the volunteer program?

Yes, couples and families are welcome to join our programs. We make special provisions for families joining our volunteering programs; we will be able to provide them with program placements and accommodations together.

What will be the food arrangement?

Depending on your host family you will be provided with three meals a day from Monday to Saturday at their accommodation. Food is usually vegetarian and a mix of meat and salads.

Do I need to buy health insurance?

Volunteers have the option to purchase Travel and Medical Insurance at a nominal extra cost from Volunteering Solutions. To buy insurance from Volunteering Solutions, please click here

What sorts of clothes are required for Peru?

Lightweight clothing and rainwear is recommended as well as warmer clothing for the evenings (light jacket and/or light sweaters). A pair of walking shoes is highly recommended as well.

Do you recommend any cheap airlines flying into Peru?

For cheap airline flying into Cusco and Iquitos are LAN Peru, Star Peru, Peruvian Airlines, Kindly visit, http://www.kayak.com, http://www.orbitz.com