Childcare Volunteering Program in Argentina

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer for the Childcare program, and work for children who come from underserved communities 
  • Placed in local childcare centers/facilities, volunteers are required to spend time with kids, teach them, play with them and engage them in different activities 
  • Volunteers can also assist the local staff in administrative and everyday activities 
  • Volunteers can also assist in supporting classwork, and providing one-to-one assistance to children in need 
  • Work on weekdays for 5-6 hours, weekends are free to explore the city


Nowadays, Argentina doesn´t have a welfare state which fosters adequate social policies. In this context, Childcare Volunteer Programs are designed to assist children from disadvantaged backgrounds, tutoring them at kindergartens, or in after-school projects. This program aims to break the circle of hereditary poverty, guaranteeing their access to quality educational opportunities, encouraging the development of children and families skills to help them improve their processes of social inclusion and autonomy.

Childcare center receive babies and kids up to 5 years old, they are often overstretched and unable to devote extra time to activities, fun games or one-to-one sessions for the children.

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