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Trip Highlights

  • It’s rewarding. It’s meaningful. It’s inspiring. When you see a kid not just completing the assignment you gave – but doing it with spark and enthusiasm and panache – you say to yourself, “Wow. I just made a difference in someone’s life.” The bottom line?  Helping others will actually make you happier too.
  • You learn by doing. I think one of the most valuable life lessons you get from teaching is that it forces you to roll with things. You can have the best lesson plan in the world. But when you’re actually in the trenches, you often need to throw out the outline.
  • Teaching also surprises you. You find yourself telling anecdotes about your own life that you hadn’t anticipated. The part of the lesson plan you thought was weakest turns out to be the most useful
  • You laugh at yourself. This is key. When you’re a teacher you can’t take yourself too seriously. That’s true with any age group, but it’s particularly true when you’re teaching teens because they are inherently skeptical of authority.


Although Argentina has a very high literacy rate – at 98 percent – this disguises some serious deficiencies in the education system, most notably the educational support for marginalized children. UNICEF reports that only 48% of students complete secondary and there’s a growing dropout rate amongst university students. Employers express discontent at the levels of preparation of the incoming workforce and according to an IBD report, 80% of businesses in all sectors believe that secondary education is key to changing this trend. Schools are crowded and class sizes are large. Classes also include a wide range of different levels and include students with wildly different learning needs. Materials and resources are also lacking.

Our Teaching program mission is to provide sustainable educational support within disadvantaged schools and communities to reduce inequality in education. Through our volunteers, we aim to empower underprivileged students by improving their future prospects and equipping them with the skills needed to actively engage in a multi-national community.

The schools we work with are a space which gives effective attention to all their students in an environment of tolerance, dialogue, and cooperation. Schools are attended for children from 4 to 13 years old.


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