15 FREE Travel Apps Essential For A Worry-Free Volunteering Abroad


Traveling to a foreign land needs a lot of planning and research. And if the purpose is for volunteering abroad, one needs to be sure of the entire itinerary and keep a regular track of things to avoid any kind of lapse or delay.

Here is a list of 15 useful mobile apps that can come extremely handy during your travel planning as well as while you are on your trip, so that all you can focus on is your volunteer project. And yes! all of these apps are FREE.

1. TripIt


Use           :       A complete travel organizer app that links to your mail account and collates all your necessary travel information/documents (flight booking details, etc.) at one place. A complete itinerary manager and highly recommended.

Platforms     :     Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry




Use               :        Send out e-postcards to your friends and families back home while volunteering abroad. The app generate print outs for you of the selected pictures and posts them via email as postcards. Let others know the amazing time you are having abroad.

Platforms     :        iOS, Android

Note             :        The app is FREE but print-outs are charged at 0.99cents.



Trailhead App

Use               :        This adventure app from The North Face make you aware about the nearest adventures activity spot. From hiking trails to biking routes, the app takes your location and uses the GPS to point out the nearby spots for outdoor adventures.

Platforms     :        iOS, Android



Wikitude app

Use               :        why pay a guide to know about an ancient building, or the history behind the ruins of a dynasty, when all you need to do is point the camera to the particular icon and the app provide you with entire details of that spot/icon; the time it was built, who built it, what’s the history behind it, etc.

Platforms     :        Android, iOS, Blackberry10



Kayak app

Use               :        An app that helps you prepare a perfect travel itinerary with information related to flight availabilities, near-by restaurant bookings, rental cars, and flight tracking.

Platforms     :        iOS, Android, Windows



FlightAware app

Use               :        Keeping track of your flights is one of the major headaches while traveling abroad to volunteer. FlightAware is a useful app that provides you with real-time updates on flight bookings, time changes, cancellations, and much more. Just enter your airline name and flight number, and relax.

Platforms     :        iOS, Android, Windows


Open Table

OpenTable app

Use               :        This GPS tracking app, help you to find the nearby trendy restaurants and eateries from your location. One can make reservations in advance and check out the deals-of-the-day as well.

Platforms     :        iOS, Android, Windows



Routehappy App

Use               :        This interesting ratings app provides you with the information of service standards of a particular airline and/or the airport you are planning to fly with. Know what previous flyers want to say about their flying experiences with the airlines and share yours too. This helps you to choose the best airlines for best services.

Platforms     :        iOS



GateGuru app

Use               :        Another useful app that comes handy when you need to keep a track of your flight details, or even to book an airport cab at the very last moment (at hefty discounted rates).

Platforms     :        iOS, Android, Windows



Uber App

Use               :        Booking a cab was never so easy. Get the real-time information of cab availability within the closest proximity of your area, track the location of cab and remaining time for the pick up, the class of vehicle you want to ride into, and much more. Pay from your credit cards and get a receipt once arrived at your destination. Just sit back and enjoy your ride.

Platforms     :        iOS, Android


Google Translate


Use               :        Clear communication is a key aspect while volunteer traveling to a foreign country, especially, where English is not the common foreign language. This app help you to learn those few regularly used important words that can help you communicate clearly and bond easily.

Platforms     :        iOS, Android



yelp app

Use               :        Choosing a nice restaurant of your choice of cuisine and that too in the vicinity of your location is a tricky ask. What’s more tricky is finding the most suitable, in-your-budget, restaurant. With Yelp, you can always find out list of restaurants in your neighborhood, make table reservations and, even read reviews about the service and food quality of the restaurant.

Platforms     :        iOS, Android, Windows


Amazon Kindle


Use               :        It is said that while traveling, books are your best companions. Get a list of books, magazines, novels, newspapers, and PDFs to read from over thousands of various genres. The app bookmarks and saves your last read page so that you can take up from the very word where you left it.

Platforms     :        iOS, Android, Windows


Google Maps

Google Maps

Use               :        Chances are that you already have this app on your device. Google maps is a GPS tracking app that provides real time information about your location, best routes to your destination, traffic details on your chosen route, and more. Never get lost again!

Platforms     :        iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry


Word Lens

Word Lens app

Use                     :            A doppelganger to Google Translate app, Word Lens translates texts written in a language not known to you, into English language. Just point the built-in video camera to the printed text and the app translates it for you to English.

Platforms         :            iOS, Android, Google Glass (Yes!)

Note                   :            different language packs are available from the in-app purchase

Is there any other travel app that you came across and found amazingly helpful? Share it here and let our readers know about it.

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