20 Pictures That Prove Why Women Make Better Volunteer Travelers


They travel, they help, they explore, they learn… in short, they volunteer abroad! While men mostly opt to take a hiking expedition or a snorkeling experience as a part of their expeditions; a general backpacking routine; women choose a smarter way to travel abroad; Volunteering!
If the survey reports done by Volunteering Solutions on volunteer traveling are to be considered, almost 75% of volunteer travelers abroad are women. These 20 pictures are a clear proof of the fact that women make better volunteer travelers, any given day.


1. They know how to share love with ones who deserves it the most

Childcare volunteer work


2. And show the affection that is missing from their lives

volunteer with children


3. Looking after the children like a mother

day care volunteer work with volsol


4. Helping them grow in knowledge like a teacher

girl education in ghana with volsol


5. Support them in their endeavors like a guardian

child work volunteering


6. And share that laugh with them like a friend

make the difference


7. Nullifying all the misconceptions of traveling solo being a taboo for a woman

make a new friend  


8. They find new places

women volunteer traveler


9. Fly high and attain new heights

adventure travel in India with volsol


10. Discover the depths of vast blue oceans

adventure in India while volunteering


11. Make new friends for life



12. And bump into the doppelgangers on the way

volunteering in Thailand


13. When it comes to working for the community

community development in Ghana



14. They show their complete dedication

work at elephant camp


15. With utmost enthusiasm and energy

volunteer work in Ghana with volsol


16. Even if it involves getting their hands dirty

volunteer work abroad


17. Just so that the environment remains clean and safe

group volunteering abroad


18. And during this entire process of traveling and sharing

solo womon volunteer


19. They master the art of not just traveling

volunteer in India


20. But… Volunteer Traveling!

childcare volunteering abroad with volsol


To know more on volunteering abroad, visit www.volunteeringsolutions.com or get in touch with our program advisor at [email protected]

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