25 Amazing Photos That’ll Convince You To Volunteer Abroad In 2024

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Have you ever volunteered for a good cause or at least, thought about making a difference to someone else’s life? If yes, then you surely know what a blissful feeling it can be, to see someone smile warmly as a result of your kind act. And if not, then my dear friend, it’s time for you to set out on a journey like never before and make some meaningful contribution while volunteering abroad in 2024.

You will come across hundreds of articles telling you about the benefits of volunteering abroad, how you can touch underprivileged lives in Third World Countries and how your career can be enhanced through volunteering. But cutting the long story short, here are 25 amazing photographs from our volunteers who traveled with us in the recent past. These photos will surely melt your heart and tickle your wanderlust soul to travel & volunteer abroad in the coming year.


Whether it is about feeding the little ones at a daycare center or the cubs at a reserve – your role as a volunteer will be extremely significant.

Volunteering Solutions, in association with local NGOs of different countries, works in different underprivileged areas where there aren’t adequate resources available. There are schools in African and Southeast Asian countries where the teacher-student ratio is as low as 40 is to 1, and healthcare centers often have too many patients that it becomes difficult for the doctors to handle the situation.

You’ll get to choose your volunteering program as per your interests and work to improve the situation. Paint the school premises to make it more vibrant, plant trees to reduce environmental hazards, and share some love.


Unless you embark on the journey, you will not know what it has in store for you. A volunteer trip abroad will also be a great first-hand learning journey for you. You’ll learn a new language, know more about the culture and customs of the land, savor the taste of their authentic cuisine, and probably learn how to cook as well!

You’ll know more about the problems that people face in their daily lives, and realize how blessed you are to have the life that you are enjoying. This journey will turn you into a more compassionate and humble person. Your perspectives will broaden and you’ll learn to see things differently.


We totally believe in the saying – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” Hence, we urge you to travel. And travel more! Traveling isn’t just about going to another place to chill and click photos for Instagram, but it is more about the journey to know the world and to know yourself.

It’s a way of stepping out from your regular life, to explore the unknown and to see how things unfold in another part of the world. Imagine how wonderful it’ll be to wake up and see the sunrise in Cape Town, or witnessing the richness & glory of the Mughal architecture in India, or catching a glimpse of the Big 5 in Tanzania, or just spending some soothing time at an elephant village in Thailand, or hiking up the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru!

Your heart and soul are tempted to see it all, then why restraining yourself, dear friend? The world is calling you, and now is the time for you to set out and explore.


If you’ve always thought that you can only make friends in school, college, university or workplace, then you are wrong! The best friendships often happen on the road, during the journeys! And once you’ve traveled with someone and enjoyed their company, you should know that your friendship will last for a lifetime.

During your volunteering trip, you’ll meet like-minded people from different parts of the world. It’ll be an ideal way to connect with them, know about their country & culture, adapt their skills, and share your thoughts. You’ll all be working for a common cause – to make a difference.

It’s not just about connecting with your peers! You’ll also get to connect to the natives with whom you’ll be staying and working. And the animals as well – with whom you’ll spend adequate time, looking after them & taking care of them. You’ll slowly get to know the meaning of true love and connect with emotions!


If you’ve been planning to go for a solo trip for long, then this is would be a perfect plan. Travel to a place which has been there on your bucket list since forever but you never got to visit it.

If you and your partner wish to travel abroad together, then consider a volunteering journey and work together. You’ll get to know more about each others’ strengths & weaknesses, find solutions to problems together, and traverse on unknown paths making uncountable memories. You can also go on a family volunteering tour in 2024, to experience something that’s totally unlike regular holidays.

Dive deep to get closer to the marine life, pose to click photos with the Sadhus, explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, educate, and help someone to have a better future. In 2024, experience something that you’ve never experienced before!

Now that you know why you should volunteer abroad, drop us a mail at [email protected] and apply now! You can check out our Facebook Page, follow us on Instagram for all the latest updates, and read our volunteers’ reviews. 

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