All You Need To Know About Group Volunteering Abroad


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” – Henry Ford

Taking the mantra from Henry Ford, Volunteering abroad as a group epitomizes the spirit of sharing, caring and basking in the glory of coming together. While we all know what the benefits of Volunteering are, doing it together as a group is like icing on the cake.

Group volunteering is a great way to know more people, build a sense of team spirit and maximize the impact of volunteering efforts. Be it in a group of friends, colleagues, community or school/college mates, pursuing volunteer work in a group will let you accomplish a lot, make a lot of memories and do all of that with people you are already familiar with.

volunteering in a group

What are the benefits of volunteering abroad in a group?

1. A Worthwhile experience to share with a group

One of the most effective ways to volunteer, working a group for volunteering project is definitely a worthwhile experience that you’ll share with your group members. From the common people, you’ll meet to the common places you’ll travel to, the joys and learnings of volunteering will only multiply when in a group.

2. Building a diverse perspective

When you’ll work with different people in a project, different ideas and knowledge sharing will help build a more diverse and idea-rich perspective that’ll definitely add to the quality of work done on the ground.

3. Familiarity clubbed with newer experiences

When traveling with a group of people you know, you are already in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere and when that blends with traveling to a new destination and meeting new people, there is a more enriching volunteering experience.

4. More Affordable

Everything done in a group becomes more affordable – from the travel to the accommodations and group only deals. VolSol, too, lets you source more discounts when traveling in a group.

short term volunteering in South Africa

VolSol, with its specially crafted group volunteering projects, lets you make the most of ‘joys of giving’, and that too across several destinations in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. The travel itineraries, designed specifically for each group, allow ample time and space for quality on ground interactions, group work, group travel and a most importantly a wholesome experience.

Following are the various group volunteering program that VolSol Offers:

Corporate Volunteering Groups

With Corporate Social Responsibility gaining momentum across the globe, VolSol hosts several corporate volunteering projects. We provide tailor-made corporate volunteering options as we understand that employees do not have the liberty to spend 3-4 weeks volunteering abroad or locally. If you are a business owner or a representative who wants to be part of the corporate volunteering programs abroad or locally, please get in touch with us.

High School and Teen Volunteering Groups

Essential for High School Students and Teens, Volunteering abroad lets the young adults stand out in their careers and develop skills that go a long way in shaping their careers. Which is why we offer impactful and rewarding volunteering opportunities to High School and Teens. Additionally, since High School Students are in the age group of 16-19 years, they’re usually mandated to be accompanied by a teacher/supervisor.

NOTE: If you are individual or a group of friends who are looking to volunteer with a larger group, check our summer volunteering abroad section.

University Group Program

One of our most popular group projects, we provide custom-made volunteering projects for University students. The two kinds of university volunteering opportunities provided are:
i) Faculty-Led Volunteering Opportunities
ii) Students Led Volunteering Opportunities

While both these opportunities need 5 group members minimum, we make arrangements for larger groups as well. Some of our past University Group Participants include:

  • Universal American School, Dubai
  • Millennium High School – New York
  • Georgia Tech University, USA
  • Arizona State University, USA
  • Canadian Bilingual School, Kuwait
  • Trinity College, Dublin
  • Newcastle University, Australia
  • Dawson College, Canada
  • Grand Valley State University, USA

Family Volunteering

Customised family volunteering projects abroad are offered to families with children more than 4 years old. Projects that are safe, rewarding and have something to work in for all members are provided. Special arrangements are made to accommodate all members together as well.

Where can you volunteer with a group?

We provide customized group volunteering projects in destinations across the globe and you can pick any destination from 24 countries that we offer. Feel free to contact our program advisors for destination ideas and recommendations.

What kinds of projects are available for a group?

we can make a difference

Volunteers in a group can participate in a range of volunteering opportunities that include:

Child Care, Orphanage Volunteering Program

Available across most destinations, Childcare and Teaching Projects are ideal for group volunteering. A clean criminal record is mandatory for this project.

Women Empowerment Program

Universities and Organisations that are focussing on gender equity should opt for this project. The Women Empowerment projects are available in India, Morocco, Ghana, and Cambodia

Community Development Program

Available in Spain, Portugal, South Africa, and Sri Lanka, the community development projects are mostly outdoor activities that include helping build eco-friendly homes or working with local village communities and helping in managing education, construction, and medical projects.

Sports Coaching

For all the sports enthusiasts out there, head out to volunteer in sports coaching projects available in Ecuador, Brazil, Ghana, and South Africa.

2-Week Volunteer and Travel Specials

For people who have less time and want volunteering cum travel experience can opt for the 2-week specials available in Peru, Thailand, South Africa, India, Ghana, Nepal, Tanzania and Portugal, these projects combine the traveling and volunteering projects perfectly.

Wildlife and Conservation Projects

Ideal for nature and wildlife lovers, wildlife and conservation projects are available in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Spain, Australia, Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka.

Application Process For Group Volunteering:

The application process for group volunteering is the same as individual volunteers. You can fill this form to submit your application. An offline form can also be mailed to the group leader upon request. Payments for groups can be done in one go as well.

What discounts are available for a group?

VolSol offers special discounts to 4 or more people who apply as a group. You can mail us your query at [email protected] to ask about the discounts available to your group. Feel free to reach out to our program coordinators to seek the feedback of former groups who have volunteered with us.

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