Best Gap Year Volunteer Programs in 2019


A gap year may be a time to challenge yourself, understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses, meet folks you’d ne’er meet unremarkably and do most things you’ve thought of for your bucket list. VolSol helps you understand this dream in a very hassle-free approach and takes care of everything – project placements, travel, pre-departure preparation, insurance, visa help, flights – and essentially everything below the sun at terribly cheap prices.

Some of the largest highlights of taking a gap year volunteering abroad project with VolSol embody :

  • Living in your destination sort of a native in homestays and volunteers homes meeting folks from everywhere the world much beneath one roof.
  • Learning the way to cook native meals.
  • Opportunity to create new and work on existing skills.
  • Dedicated and impactful volunteer work.
  • Weekend travel choices with fellow gap year travelers and volunteers.

Available in 24+ countries in Asia, Africa, geographic region, Australia, and Europe, a number of our most participated programs embrace life and conservation, summer volunteering and travel specials, service and teaching projects also. You’ll be able to mix projects, destinations and customize your experience the means you would like because after all – it’s your very own gap year!

Buddhist Monks Teaching Volunteer Program

Buddhist Monk Teaching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one among those countries where Buddhism was unfolding in its earliest days. it isn’t simply an outstanding faith within the nation, however the way of life as well. Being a volunteer for the Teaching Monks Program, you will be functioning at a Pirivena, an academic establishment of Buddhist monks (a school, you’ll say).

In this establishment, the monks get a holistic learning chance, finding out totally different subjects like Pali (an Indo-Aryan language), Sanskrit, history, prosody, astrology, and logic, except the scriptures of Buddhism. The Pirivena is additionally the place wherever young monks square measure trained by their masters to follow the principles and rules published within the Vinaya Pitaka (an outstanding Buddhist scripture) that is one among the 3 components that compose the Tripitaka – a set of Buddhist teachings that square measure the inspiration of the Theravada Buddhist philosophy.

These young monks square measure extremely great to be told English, however, they are doing not have adequate resources to shine their skills. the govt has appointed native academics United Nations agency take a forty minutes category each day, however, even the academics are not well versed with the language. Hence, being a volunteer, you will get to play a vigorous role within the Pirivena and teach these bright monks.

Weekend Opportunities:

There are masses to do throughout free time and weekends for the volunteers. the subsequent activities are provided freed from charge and enclosed in your program fee:

  • Evening top side Yoga Session (weekly)
  • Movie nights on giant screen projector at the house (weekly)
  • Bike tour across paddy fields and native villages (monthly)
  • BBQ for volunteers and workers within the garden (monthly)
  • Night Fishing for anyone (on demand)

The following report for style weekend (or even daily) activities that our volunteers like to do around the space (at a further charge):

  • Surfing lessons
  • Elephant expedition
  • Whale observance (during the season)
  • Rainforest hiking
  • Beach hopping
  • Local cookery class
  • Galle Walking Tour
  • Local spice market visit
  • Galle Fort visit


Childcare & Orphanage Volunteer in India

street children volunteer project in India

Volunteers joining the orphanage volunteer program in the Republic of India can give support to those deprived and uncared for youngsters to alleviate their suffering by serving to them live a dignified life. Orphans are empty several opportunities necessary for his or her development. Your very little facilitate will be of nice significance for these kids, providing them a secure gift and a promising future. pay time with them. Receive their heat and fondness. Tell them stories. Share their dreams. operating for youngsters may be actually fulfilling and enriching expertise.

The capital town, Delhi, is home to several unfortunate orphan kids in the Republic of India. These kids are given refuge in orphanages and shelter homes, being travel by varied non-government organizations throughout town. These distressed kids agencies come back from troublesome circumstances, that detached them from the thrill of childhood. They need love, care, affection, warmth and, terribly significantly, education.

Weekend Opportunities:

During the free time, volunteers will visit the native markets, visit net cafes and also the totally different restaurants in the city and check out the various Indian cuisines. throughout weekends volunteers visit the neighboring states of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. Our specialized Travel table will assist you to book tours to any a part of Asian country or to neighbor countries like the Kingdom of Nepal or Sri Lanka.


Conservation Program, Spain

conservation in spain

Under the conservation program, volunteers opt for the Valencia region owing to the variety and scheme of the region. The protection and hindrance plan conjointly embrace improvement of water resources, safety against forest fires, rehabilitation, and conservation of natural habitats and denizen species. Volunteers collaborating during this project can add worth to the lives of the locals and conjointly educate themselves and enhance their data concerning the scheme, edges of preservation, promoting inexperienced culture and minimizing the environmental impact of agriculture and business.

The Valencia region wherever the volunteers are placed for the conservation program boasts of in-depth outline that is home to distinctive flora and fauna. Valencia presents stunning landscape, dotted with big mountains and little hills, patterned with rivers, islands, wetlands and exquisite forests. throughout this program, volunteers can get to understand concerning totally different Spanish ecosystems and contribute in a very sensible thanks to the conservation of the Valencia Region setting.

Weekend Opportunities:

There are tons to try and do throughout your free time and on weekends. On the weekdays volunteers sometimes work from morning to afternoon and therefore the remainder of the day volunteers can have time to relax, visit the beach, be part of our cultural activities, explore the town, follow sports and select tapas.

On the weekends, volunteers will go past train or bus to the urban center or visit the most Valencia city in addition. whereas in Valencia, you’ll be able to explore the attractive quiet beaches, the art movement town of Arts and Science and therefore the recent maritime quarter of El Cabanyal. Valencia is made in culture and heritage and has over fifteen kilometers of beaches. In Denia, volunteers will relax in a very quiet city and acquire immersed within the native culture and life.


English Teaching Volunteer in China – Beijing

Teaching english in China with volsol

The teaching volunteer program in China, Peiping is devoted to youngsters from poor migrant families operating within the town. the location may be a school that has restricted resources and depends on loads on expert volunteers for support. because of restricted resources, the varsity authorities cannot afford to use smart English speaking academics. Volunteers play a key role here by teaching English to the children within the college.

The children within the school are taught English, Chinese, arithmetic, education and different activities. Volunteering as an English teacher in China – Peiping can offer you a full new perspective of this unimaginable country. Volunteers operating within the Teaching Program don’t ought to be a certified teacher, and will solely have the will to assist and create a distinction to the project.

Weekend Opportunities:

Volunteers are free on weekends and have time to explore the city and its tourist areas. Beijing has an efficient public transportation system which includes the subway, buses, and taxis. The most popular tourist spots are Tiananmen Square, Great Wall of China (1.5-hour bus ride from the city), Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, National Museum, Summer Palace and Silk Market.


Hippotherapy Volunteer Program in Argentina

Hippotherapy volunteering in Argentina

Hippotherapy virtually means that “treatment with the assistance of the horse” from the Greek word, “hippos” which means horse. Specially trained physical and activity therapists use this treatment for shoppers with movement dysfunction. In the Hippotherapy Volunteer Program, the movement of the horse influences the patient. The patient is positioned on the horse and actively responds to his movement. The expert directs the movement of the horse; analyzes the patients’ responses; and adjusts the treatment consequently. This strategy is employed as a part of associate degree integrated treatment program to realize a purposeful outcome.

The horses are fastidiously chosen for his or her temperament and therefore the style of movement they turn out. All are specifically trained for his or her distinctive role among medical aid sessions and are target-hunting by skilled horse handlers, that optimize safety and effectiveness.

By moving the rider’s body in a very manner almost like a personality’s gait, therapeutic riding helps people with a good vary of disabilities gain strength, balance, and confidence. Riding and interacting with horses also are fun, motivating and empowering; these activities promote social, communicative and psychological feature developments in horse riders.

Weekend Opportunities:

Córdoba is the second largest town within the country. It’s Jesuit heritage and its sturdy Spanish vividness end in a desirable mix of past and currency. Córdoba is additionally a university town, home to many faculties and universities that endow it with a vernal and progressive setting on many alternative aspects. this is often the explanation why folks from Córdoba square measure kind, friendly, and broad-minded, and simply integrate their guests and students, a very valuable gracefulness.

The folks of Córdoba square measure referred to as fun-loving people with a keenness for cuarteto music, rally racing, and also the drink of Fernet and Coke. be happy to hesitate a protracted lunch, relax within the sq. with an occasional or frozen dessert, and meet a couple of the ordered back locals.

Its rugged outskirts offer lots of daring activities like sailplaning and horseback riding.


Conservation Volunteer Program in Australia

volunteer conservation program in Australia

The conservation volunteering expertise in Australia is a nice operating abroad chance for all setting and nature lovers. Tread through wonderful and scenic destinations in Australia to induce active expertise in moral conservation. whereas you’re at it connect along with your journey facet and savors some trying extreme sports! This project provides you a chance to explore the denizen land in a very distinctive method.

Do not forget that Australia has one in all the healthy rainforests within the world that boasts of exuberant wildlife; with Koalas, Kangaroos and, myriads of nationals parks. Whereas the rainforests have seen their fodder days, maintenance and preservation is a current method and needs due diligence.

Volunteers will like better to begin their Conservation expertise in Australia from two beginning locations particularly Melbourne or Newcastle.

Weekend Opportunities:

You will have free time on the weekends and there are lots of things to try and do and plenty of places can be visited over the weekends. Participants will visit main town locations on the weekends betting on the free time allotted by their project leader. For those participants in the Australian state, You can head out to Gold Coast to explore the attractive beaches and people in Southern Australia can head out to Melbourne or Sydney on the weekend.


Food Waste Management Volunteer Program in Portugal

food waste management in Portugal

Being a volunteer for the Waste Matter Management Project would be an ideal alternative for gap year travelers similarly as university student teams would like to travel along and mix their efforts in creating a distinction.

As a locality of this program, you’ll actively contribute to fighting waste matter and hunger in an exceedingly structured system that feeds over 3000 folks each day. you’ll facilitate the native groups assembling, organizing and distributing the food excess from restaurants and cafés to fight waste matter within the town. Volunteers can support a middle that recovers food, in smart conditions, from native restaurants, supermarkets, and cafés and re-distribute it among families, older and homeless folks in would like. These square measure people that would like food support to feed them and their families.

Volunteers are operating across the centers in port and their tasks can embody assembling the food from native suppliers, aiding with packaging it, improvement used containers, aiding with sorting and storage of any food left for succeeding day, distributing it to the families and pack up at the top of the shift.

Weekend Opportunities:

The weekends are free for you to get to know Portugal in a better way. We can help you to book the trips that you want to go to any point in the country. Besides that, we have one or two-day programs, where you will have unique experiences on your own or in a group.

Some of the tours and experiences that you can enjoy during free time include:

Douro, Port and Moscatel Tour – You will visit these wines Estates, taste them and have a typical lunch with amazing views.

Minho and Vinho Verde Alvarinho Tour – You will visit the beautiful Viana do Castelo, Melgaço, and Monção, taste the Vinho Verde and some of the best Portuguese cuisine

Aveiro and Bairrada Sparkling Wine Tour – Visit the beautiful city of Aveiro and get to know its wonders and traditions. The Lunch is going to be Roasted Suckling Pig accompanied by wine from the region of Mealhada.

Dão and Coimbra Tour – Visit Coimbra, a magic place with the most ancient University of Portugal and full of history. Taste the Dão region wines and the typical food and bakery.


Volunteer Girls Teaching Program in Ghana

volunteer girl teaching in Ghana

Volunteers operating within the Girl’s Education Project add a dish in Northern Ghana. The mission of this project is to assist young underprivileged females living in an associate urban village around the dish. Volunteers add a faculty wherever the most objective is to coach the lady kid within the space.

Former volunteers have helped within the project well and have raised for the continuing education and provision of necessities for the scholars of the college. Volunteers operating during this program needn’t be qualified or trained lecturers. The project is appropriate for people United Nations agency need to volunteer teaching on their gap year, summer placement or career break.

Weekend Opportunities:

On the weekends you can head out to explore places such as Mole National Park and Monkey Sanctuary. Volunteers also visit Paga to visit Crocodile Park or further south to Cape Coast to enjoy the beaches. On weekdays, participants have free time in the evenings and spend time relaxing at their accommodation or socializing with other volunteers and the local people.


Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand – Chiang Mai

volunteer with elephants in Thailand

Gap year travelers who are life enthusiasts and looking out for volunteer opportunities for life conservation and welfare of elephants will be part of this program in Chiang Mai. They’ll be staying at these elephant camps that are set forty-five minutes outside mainland Chiang Mai. The Camp may be a lovely setup, set amidst lush inexperienced forests and enclosed by tall mountains from all sides. Each little helps within the development of the camp. Late within the afternoon/early evening, volunteers are ready to pay longer with the elephants and elephant trainers. this is often once volunteers can very begin to bond with these beautiful creatures and find out how to best look after them. This program is best fitted to life enthusiasts and people who are willing to try to some out of doors exertions.

Weekend Opportunities:

Volunteers can take part in the Thai Cookery classes or Thai Massage course which is available all around Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai also boasts of restaurants of every international cuisine. During the weekends, you can travel to the cities of Pai, Chiang Rai or fly down to the capital city of Bangkok.


Volunteer work in Day Care Center At Cusco, Peru

volunteer in peru with kids

If you have got Associate in Nursing innate fondness for youths, then you may completely love functioning at the child care centers in Cuzco. Volunteers choosing the Day Care Center Program can get a chance to assist, guide and play with youngsters aged between half a dozen months to four years previous. the bulk of the youngsters are, however, between one and a pair of years previous. The oldest youngsters are learning the way to spell and do alternative basic lessons in preparation for preschool admission.

Each center has only one caregiver and really basic utilities (small previous beds, previous sheets and blankets, and few pillows). Therefore, the worth of getting volunteers in these centers is clearly great; it’s even additional obvious once taking under consideration that twenty-fifth of the youngsters have single mothers, and ninety-fifth of them return from terribly troublesome backgrounds.

As a volunteer, you may be concerned within the day to day care of the youngsters, wiggling with them, teaching some English lessons too or composing artistic activities like drawing or arts and crafts.

Weekend Opportunities:

Volunteers are free to visit and see places or do shopping during their free time. On the weekends most of the volunteers plan a trip to Sacred Valley or the world famous ‘Macchu Picchu’ – the lost city of Incas. In Cusco, you can walk around the Plaza de Armas and explore the different restaurants and shopping areas.


Volunteer for the Penguin and Marine Bird Rescue Center, South Africa

marine and penguin conservation in South Africa

If you have got the urge to figure with animals and care to safeguard the penguins in the African nation, then Volunteering Solutions has the proper program you! The Penguin and Marine Bird Rescue Program aims at protective and caring for the vertebrate species UN agency are suffering from the adverse effects of human behavior.

Volunteering Solutions, in association with a neighborhood South African organization, focuses in the main on caring for sick or scraped African Penguins (also referred to as Jackass Penguins) as a result of their vulnerability also as alternative marine birds like gannets, cormorants, and seagulls. As a volunteer, you’ll need to play a full of life role to rescue and rehabilitate, also on inform and educate the general public through their totally different programs. The intensive displays at the middle offer tourists, faculty teams, and alternative guests the chance to find out regarding these vulnerable birds however additionally a wider sort of marine life within the stunning and implausibly numerous Algoa Bay.

Weekend Opportunities:

You will have the weekend free wherein you will have time to explore other locations in South Africa as well. You can choose to fly into Cape Town for the weekend and explore the city or just spend the weekend chilling at the volunteer house with other like-minded volunteers from around the world. Other activities that you can get involved in include sandboarding down the giant dunes, having close encounters with peaceful pachyderms at Addo Elephant Park, hiking in the lush coastal countryside around Port Elizabeth.

We have varying types of programs to provide you with the one that can satisfy all your needs. So what you are waiting for? Join us and let this moment mark the beginning of your gap year volunteering abroad. Do drop us a mail at [email protected] for all further details and assistance.

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