Volunteer Work in China: A Comprehensive Guidebook

For many people, the very thought of traveling to volunteer in China might come as a surprise; considering the strong economy of the country. So, let’s begin with what exactly volunteer traveling is all about and then we’ll move on […]

  • 10 Jul 2018

Do’s And Don’ts While Volunteering In China

China is known for its progressive development and constant modernization. But the country still holds its cultural roots intact, and follows its age-old traditions religiously. While volunteering in China, one can have a wholesome and exciting sojourn by simply following […]

  • 27 Aug 2015

Things To Do In China While Volunteering

China, Oh wait!!! The People’s Republic of China (that’s what it is officially known as), the world’s most populated nation, the largest and most complex economies in the world, homeland to vibrant lifestyle and amazing views crafted by nature; the […]

  • 7 Jan 2015
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