Typical Volunteering Abroad Concerns And Why They Are Not Possible


‘Nothing is Impossible’ it is said; let’s revise on that. While planning to travel abroad to volunteer, or for any personal reason, there are a number of concerns that pops up in a traveler’s mind. Volunteering Solutions, understanding the cause and effect of these concerns, brings you the list of few travel concerns which needs to be shed off, as there is hardly a possibility of them to occur. Here is what’s not possible while volunteering abroad:

Group Volunteer Work in India With Volunteering Solutions

1. Being Lonely

During a volunteering program abroad the different kinds of people you are surrounded with includes;

   An entire group of several other volunteers, who belong to different parts of the world.

   The in-house staff at the project, who are the permanent care takers and operators of the cause.

   The in-country coordinator, who make sure your sojourn is as safe and comfortable as possible.

   The host family, with whom you stay, live, eat for the entire program.

   The recipients of the program; such as children, tribal community people, un-empowered women, patients in the hospitals, and even wild animals.

Now, question yourself as to how can someone get lonely or feel bored when accompanied by so many different kinds? We are sure the answer you got is,

 not Possible



2. Getting tired of traveling

Under any of the volunteer programs that Volunteering Solutions provide, a volunteer get to experience a great mix of many things together. The sense of mental satisfaction by helping someone in need, making lives better and improving the future prospects of many, the thrill of adventure activities, the excitement of exploring the city hotspots and shopping arcades, and the taste of local delicacies.

It all accumulates to provide a fun outing and a more meaningful sojourn. And does anyone get tired of having fun?





3. Not finding ‘my kind of’ food

A piece of cooked beef patty placed inside a sliced bun with different kinds of sauces, cheese, and other toppings; in short a Hamburger! That’s probably your kind of food that you have been hogging on since childhood. But the fact is that this ‘my kind of’ food of yours is only because you never got to try the authentic taste of dishes in other countries. But once you do, your definition is definitely going to change.

Try the sumptuous Casado while volunteering in Costa Rica or the mouthwatering Butter Chicken in India, and then decide. Resistible?

ummmm no




4. Getting Lost

One of the main travel concerns for many remains about the possibility of getting lost when in a foreign country. Of course, not in the sense of losing your track, but not knowing the local ethics, best of the places to eat, cheap markets to shop, cool local phrases to use to bond well with a native, and so on. Volunteering Solutions provides a perfect remedy for this by appointing a full time local coordinator for the volunteers to deliver an all round in-country support. And when you get to do things the way locals do, how can you possibly be lost? So stop worrying, as

not going to happen



5. Every day same routine

Under any of the volunteer programs the volunteers have a fixed schedule, which covers volunteer work for a good 5 to 6 hours all weekdays, and free evenings and complete weekends to do whatever they wish to. What, however, the catch here is that even with a fixed schedule and the task being the same, it is the way they can execute their task, and spend the entire day, that can change every single day.

This calls for a great set of creativity and innovations from the volunteers’ end to make every day different by delivering their work in the most effective and different manner. So if you worry that the routine will be monotonous, remember that

No its not - everyday same routine



6. Getting Homesick

Yes! When you travel abroad for the first time, leaving your friends and families behind, spending weeks in a foreign country, you do miss them. But this is only up till you don’t start with your program abroad. But, once you do, you gradually create a whole new extended family of yours at the very program destination.

Take all the discussed points above and contemplate them collectively. What you will get is the answer to this issue of getting homesick; which is again




These are some of the commonest of concerns that a volunteer traveler has while traveling abroad to volunteer under a program. But then it must be remembered that these aren’t such big challenges that cannot be overcome. Volunteering abroad is one of the most rejuvenating and meaningful ways of traveling abroad, and one must shed off all worries before embarking for their journey.

Is there any other concern that you have regarding volunteering abroad? Then getting a satisfying answer Is Possible. Just speak with our program advisers at [email protected] and get answers to all your travel queries. Also check this detailed guidebook on Volunteering Abroad.

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