Top 5 Community Development Volunteering Opportunities Abroad


The world is one big community, which is divided into numerous communities that we call our neighborhood. The people we see, meet, speak with every other day are the immediate inhabitants of our neighborhood and we always thrive to help each other during crisis situation. However, humanitarian work teach us to help not only those who are a part of our neighborhood but also others. While many out there hope to execute this task, they miss out because of not having proper idea how, where, and what to do. Volunteering Solutions provide several opportunities in different parts of the world to help build a community. Here is a list of 5 of such projects to volunteer at;

1. Community Development Project

Community Development Project in Tamale Ghana
Community Development Project in Tamale-Ghana


Tamale, Ghana

What You Do

Volunteers joining this project work in village communities that are 15-20 kms outside the city. Their basic work schedule includes;

– Teaching basic subjects to the students in local schools to upgrade their knowledge and skills on different levels.

– Work with the Girl Education Project that runs locally.

– Assist in construction project for school building.

– Be a part of Health Education Program to spread awareness amongst the villagers regarding hygiene and other disease prevention.

Additionally, volunteers can also contribute in building projects in schools and nearby areas in Ghana.


2. Masai Volunteer Program

Masai Volunteer Program Kenya
Volunteer with Masia tribes in Kenya


Nairobi, Kenya

What You Do

This program provides a unique opportunity to the volunteers to stay with and work along the people of Masai tribe. Teaching is one major issue in the community, and that is exactly where the volunteers chip in the most. Volunteers can take classes for these students to teach them basic English, Math, and other subjects. Simultaneously, they can also take part in various field work with the local people; such as, construction, farming, cooking, etc.


3. Volunteer NGO Support

Volunteer NGO Support in Morocco
NGO support volunteer work in Morocco with Volunteering Solutions


Rabat, Morocco

What You Do

Volunteers joining the NGO support program in Morocco work in consortium with the local social welfare associations in executing the task of bridging the gap between the government and common people. The focus of such NGOs are mainly on the issues, such as;

– Human rights

– Child Issues

– Women Rights and Education

– Skilled Learning

– Strengthening government accountability.

What volunteers do is help these NGOs through their expertise with different set of skills in IT, education, Social Media Updates, Marketing, Event Planning, and several other administrative works.


4. Desert Eco Building Program

Desert Eco Building Program in Israel
Eco construction volunteer work in Israel


Northern-Southern Israel

What You Do

Volunteers work at an eco-center that is constructed from nothing but sand and few locally available raw material, and that too by the hands of the local community people. A typical list of volunteer task under this program includes;

– Collecting mud and earth from the surrounding areas

– Assist in building the frame from wood

– Packing the structure with jay

– Covering the hay structure with mud

– Molding the earth using different techniques

This is for the construction and maintenance of the eco-lodges and buildings at the center. The tasks, however, are not restricted to just this.


5. Build a Home Construction Program

Build a Home Construction Program in Philippines
Construction work in Philippines


Tacloban, Philippines

What You Do

The region has been a regular victim of different natural disasters. Thus, destructing the basic life requirements. The frequency is such that the local community does not even get time to recover from the first and have to be ready to face the second wrath. Volunteers can help in constructing proper housing for the ones who lost their. The work may ask volunteers to;

– Dig foundations

– Help set supporting pillars

– Lay hollow blocks

– Build roofing frames

– Apply the beautifying finishing touches

– Use different material and design to build homes in the flood zone areas

Note: Volunteers need not have any civil engineering or construction background to join this project. Also, volunteers are advised to bring in with them some basic tools such as hammers, hacksaws and wire-cutters which do not run on electricity as that is limited in Philippines.


Isn’t it the best example of “giving back to the society”? Indeed it is. All you need to have is the zeal and motivation to work for the upliftment of a society that is in dire need of help. Speak to our program advisor TODAY at [email protected] and book your spot for any of these community development programs.

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