Do’s and Don’ts While Volunteering in Costa Rica


The life in Costa Rica is said to be a ‘pure life’, and with almost a quarter of its area covered with natural habitats the statement is completely justified. The Latin American country of Costa Rica is known for its rain forest, beaches, cuisines, and lots more. Volunteering Solutions has been placing volunteers for around 8 years now, and understand the cultural nuances of the country. Thus, here is a list of some important Dos and Don’ts you must abide by when in Costa Rica:



1.) Do try and travel more through the local public transport. They are cheap and reliable.

2.) Do learn a few basic Spanish words to commute with the local people. It helps connect quickly. Pura vida can be one of the words you should add to your dictionary. This means “No Worries”.

3.) Do take part in the “Spanish Immersion Week” provided by VolSol, where in you can get Spanish language lessons.

4.) Do appreciate the beauty of the country when conversing with a local, they really appreciate that and this will make you gel instantly with a local group.

5.) Whenever in confusion about what to do regarding something, just observe what other local people are doing and do the same. Alternatively, you can always consult the local coordinator for any help.

6.) Do make the most of your interaction with the natives while working under a program to learn about the culture and traditions.

7.) Do bring a sunscreen along as the sun can get pretty intense, no matter in what part of the country you are in.

8.) Do consult your doctor/physician before leaving to volunteer in Costa Rica to understand about the vaccinations and medicines you might require during your travel.


1.) Do not show too much public display of affection. Costa Ricans are an open minded bunch of lot, but there is certainly a cultural border line which you must not cross.

2.) Do not keep your belongings unattended in public areas.

3.) Do not greet just the person you know when meeting a group. Make sure you greet every one present in the space.

4.) Try not to take taxis when traveling locally. They can be really over expensive and not too much reliable.

5.) Do not bathe nude in the water or in the sun on a beach. Unless it is a categorized beach.

6.) Do not carry too many valuables when traveling in public transport or in market. Carry only things you think are really important.

7.) Do not move out of house late at night. Not at least without informing the local coordinator or taking a fellow volunteer mate along.

8.) Do not take things like rocks, coconuts, live animals, or seashells from the beaches or rain forest.

Volunteering in Costa Rica is an amazing experience in itself, following these simple tips can make the experience even more wonderful and exciting. Want to know more about volunteering in Costa Rica? Get in touch with our program advisor at [email protected].

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