What To Expect From A Medical Internship Program In Thailand


Under medical internship program in Thailand, volunteers are placed at local hospitals in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The hospitals in which interns are placed are highly reputed and seek proper verification before granting a spot in the internship. Depending upon the time they can invest, volunteers can choose to intern for a period of 2 weeks to 2 months. To make things further clear for interested volunteers, here is what one can expect from their internship program:



A lot of hard work

Normally, the volunteers under Medical Internship Program work at hospitals from Monday to Friday and get the weekends off. However, considering the depth of profession there can be instances at times when volunteers might also have to work on Saturdays or Sundays. One must be prepared mentally as well as physically to take up the challenge of working hard towards their objective – gain real time experience of working in a hospital.  

Different skills to gain

The hospitals in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, where volunteers are placed under their medical internship program, have a wide array of departments and services. Volunteers, thus, get the opportunity to choose the department according to their field of interest and considering future career perspectives. The various medical departments and services available at hospitals in both the locations includes;



         Family Medicine




         Emergency Room





And more. Thus, providing a wide array of options to enhance on the desired skill set.

Immense experience

This is the ultimate outcome of the entire program for the volunteers; Experience! The doctors at these hospitals are of high grades with a lot of accolades to their name in their respective fields. Working with such experienced and highly qualified team of doctors is an opportunity of a lifetime; without a doubt. Volunteers must make sure that they make the most of this opportunity to gain immense experience of high quality and, ultimately, great confidence.

A lot to explore

Whether in Bangkok or Chiang Mai, volunteers can expect a great, hard earned weekend time. While Bangkok is known for its dazzling nightlife, colorful and huge markets (The world famous Chatuchak market is in Bangkok), and architectural brilliance. Chiang Mai, on the other hand, is popular for being the historical and cultural hub of Thailand with a number of temples and monasteries; and not to forget the pristine view of lush green mountains surrounding the region. The temperature in Chiang Mai is cooler and interns can also visit the Tiger Sanctuary in the city.

Pleasure for taste palates

No travel experience is complete without a plate of local delicacy; the same goes in this case. Adding a tang of flavors to your medical internship program in Thailand, the country has some really good variety of dishes to try out. From a street food stall to an air-conditioned restaurant, your taste buds will be satisfied to the fullest with each bite. Volunteers are informed about famous food joints in and around the accommodation facility during the orientation session by the local coordinator, making it easy to locate. But, make sure you know when to stop yourself, as the hunger may end but the craving won’t.

Taking up a medical internship abroad during your summer break is a great learn and also enjoy the travel to an entirely new country. Thailand is known for its state of the art and affordable medical facilities and there’s nothing quite like grabbing a coveted internship in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.  

To know more about the application process involved with a medical internship opportunity in Thailand, drop us a message below.

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