17 Amazing Guatemala Facts You Did Not Know


For the world, Guatemala is just another Central American country; but it’s only when you visit this region that you realize some of the very interesting facts it carries. From archeology, geography, and ecosystem to its history, culture, and people.

The country is filled with some really astonishing hidden facts you did not know about. Volunteering Solutions has its presence in this Mayan country from close to 8 years now and has learnt many of the facts which are unknown to the rest of the world.

Here is a comprehensive list of it. Take a look;

Facts About Guatemala

1.)   The first chocolate bar ever, was made by the people of Mayan community in Guatemala.

2.)   Blue colored denims were also first created in Guatemala. Talk about ancient fashion sense!

3.)   The region of Guatemala has as much as 252 listed wetlands; with 100 rivers, 61 lagoons, 5 lakes and 3 swamps.

4.)   Tagged as the “Most Beautiful Lake” in the world by several ardent explorers, Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in all of Central America.

5.)   The city of Antigua, former capital of Guatemala, is located in between three gorgeously huge volcanoes; namely, Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango.

6.)   Fiambre, a traditional Guatemalan dish, is made from over 50 different ingredients and is prepared and eaten yearly to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

7.)   Tajumulco Volcano is the highest peak in Guatemala with an altitude of 4,220 meters

8.)   The National Anthem of Guatemala was originally written by a Cuban; José Joaquín Palma.

9.)   There are close to 33 volcanos in Guatemala. Most of them are still active.

10.)  Guatemala is the highest producer of Jade in the world.

11.)  Around 60% of the population does not know how to read and write, which makes it one of the key volunteering destinations abroad.

12.)  The Tikal National Park sustains the Mayan ruins amidst its forest reserve, making it the world’s first mixed UNESCO heritage site.

13.)  More than 1.2 million people travel to Guatemala every year.

14.)  The civil war of Guatemala lasted for 36 long years from 1960-1996

15.)  The name “Guatemala” is said to mean the “land of many trees”. And with three different types of terrains volcanic highlands, Pacific lowlands, and the northern plains of jungle justifies this name.

16.)  Spanish is the official language, but there are 21 different Mayan dialects.

17.)  Guatemala was the hub of the Mayan civilization. It is because of this, that half of the population in the country are direct descendants of the Maya.

While these are just the 17 of them,  you may discover more of some amazing and intriguing Guatemala facts during your volunteering sojourn. Do you know of any other fact that is not mentioned in this list? Share it with us in the comment box and we’ll add to the list. 

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