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One of the major differences between a volunteer trip abroad and a regular holiday is the kind of living arrangements you get.

While on a regular vacation, you live in a hotel or guest house accommodation where the setup is moderately luxurious, on a volunteer vacation you get to live in a volunteers’ house or in a homestay where you’re provided with the basic amenities.


“The accommodation was good. I loved having AC at night! I also liked all the bolts on the doors cause it made me feel safe. The meals were amazing! Wow! I looked forward to every single meal! Great cooks!”

-Kathryn Jessop (VolSoler in India) 


The “Home Away From Home” setup that you get during an international volunteering program lets you live and work like you are in your own house. Volunteering Solutions aims to provide the most affordable, safe and comfortable living facilities to all the overseas volunteers.


Let’s take a look at how the accommodation actually looks like.


1. Volunteers’ home/ Homestay

In most of the destinations, VolSol provides accommodation in volunteers’ home.

Fully furnished rooms are provided to the volunteers, which are spacious enough to be shared between 2 or more volunteers at a time. The rooms are clean with proper ventilation, and quite breezy. Volunteers have to respect each other’s privacy while sharing the accommodation.

In few destinations, there are homestay facilities where volunteers get the opportunity to live with local families. The homestays are proper houses, divided into various sections such as kitchen, hall area, bedrooms, terrace, and balcony. In the homestays, volunteers have to maintain a cordial relation with the host and follow the customs of the host family.

“My host family was so nice. They always took care of me. The meals were always perfect and nice and tasty. Jenny gave a lot of help. I had some trouble as I couldn’t speak any Spanish but she helped me a lot.”

JinJoo Lee (VolSoler in Peru)


2. Facilities

Accommodations provided by Volunteering Solutions have all important facilities that can be used by the volunteers. The essentials that are provided are listed below:

  • Internet facilities
  • Hot water
  • Cleaner
  • Locker facilities and guards (in some cases)


“Accommodations and meals were amazing. I was so comfortable and well fed the whole time.

Uma, the in-country coordinator was wonderful. She is such a nice and kind woman. She was so welcoming and helpful and was always there for us.”

Karley Koch (VolSoler in Nepal)


3. Food

Volunteers are provided with healthy hot meals at the volunteer house. There’s a kitchen which is completely equipped with all modern day facilities, and volunteers can occasionally cook if they wish to.  In some destinations, the weekly ration is provided to the volunteers and they have to prepare their own meal. Alternatively, if accommodated with a local host family, volunteers can always enjoy home-cooked meal provided by the host family. The food that is provided is usually the local cuisine. If volunteers have any preference (veg/non-veg), they should inform beforehand, so that it’s easier for the coordinators to manage accordingly.

“The accommodation was exactly how I expected and in some areas, it was better than what I had actually thought. I felt very lucky. Meals were always good and everyone was very accommodating towards my vegan dietary with no questions asked, which I also appreciated.”

Louisa Culley (VolSoler in Thailand)


4. Entertainment Resources

Televisions with the digital set-top box are provided at all volunteer accommodations. Some of the accommodations, also have a huge open space, either at the back or the front side, which can be used for several outdoor entertainment and games. In case of homestays, we don’t assure about television sets, but surely there will be a lot to keep you busy and entertained!



5. Location

Volunteering Solutions is very particular about the safety and hygiene of its overseas volunteers. It is for this reason that all volunteer accommodations are strategically chosen in a decent neighborhood of the destinations. One can always find stores for all necessary day-to-day items nearby, along with ATMs, cyber cafe, restaurants, medical stores and more.


“The accommodation was placed perfectly. Sea Point is such a nice place to live in Cape Town, right next to the sea. With minibusses and taxis, you can have the best connection to the city center, Camps Bay, the Waterfront and you could also start your hike to Lion’s Head right from the hostel.”

Isabelle Fischer (VolSoler in South Africa)


If only the part of volunteering wasn’t enough to make you feel at home, VolSol makes sure to cover the rest with its homestay facilities. Better than living in a hotel, don’t you think so?


Book your spot today, mail us at [email protected] and experience homely living, away from home.


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