Essential Keys For Being A Successful Volunteer in Sri Lanka


The beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka, in the south of Asia, is a great destination for beach lovers. Volunteering Solutions offers some really exciting and affordable volunteer programs in Sri Lanka; highly apt for college students and high school teens. To volunteer in Sri Lanka, and a successful one, there are some very basic, yet highly useful, parameters a volunteer needs to follow.

Below is the list of 6 of such essential factors that will lead you to a have a successful volunteer in Sri Lanka program.

Elephant care volunteer project in Sri Lanka

1. Choose The Right Program

Volunteering Solutions offer a set of four meaningful volunteer programs in Sri Lanka; namely, Disabled care volunteering, Elephant volunteer work, Turtle Conservation volunteering, and Teaching volunteer program. While, each of these programs have a different perspectives and roles to play, they are equally  challenging and rewarding.

Gap year travelers interested in volunteering in Sri Lanka must contemplate thoroughly on which program would suit their interest, skill set, and prior experience (if any). For example, if you’ve been a tutor or a part-time/full-time teacher, then teaching volunteer program in Sri Lanka is clearly your best option.


2. Know Why You Want To Volunteer In Sri Lanka

To do something, one must always be clear about their reasons to do it, and the results they are expecting out of it. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful beach destinations in all of Asia, and the world; which is one strong enough reason to visit this destination. However, when the visit is to volunteer in Sri Lanka, it must thoroughly be understood that it won’t be a luxurious holiday trip.

As a volunteer, you must be completely assertive about Sri Lanka as your choice. It is the project, which you’d be attending, that must be on your mind and not the palm fringed beaches in Colombo; which you’d anyways going to explore over the weekends.

If your motive is clear, your motivation will be stronger than ever!


3. Speak With The Past Volunteers

Sri Lanka has been one of the most popular volunteering destinations in Asia under VolSol’s fold. Many backpackers and students on their gap year abroad visit Sri Lanka to volunteer; each year. And it is always said to be a great practice to take advices from those who’ve done the same thing in the past, which you are planning to do in future.

Volunteering Solutions is always delighted to connect its upcoming volunteers with the past volunteers to a particular destination; and, at times, may be for a particular program as well. Make the most of this opportunity and learn everything you can about the place, the program, DOs and DOn’ts, etc.


4. Read Your Pre-Departure Booklet

This is one of the most important aspects to have a smooth and successful volunteer abroad program. VolSol always advocates the practice of going through the pre-departure booklets, handed over to the confirmed volunteers, thoroughly. This booklet has all the FAQs and necessary information about the destination, program, itinerary, and more, that can be extremely helpful to a volunteer.

Every volunteer, after completing their registration process and fee submission are provided with a soft copy of an information booklet that comprises of all program related details that also answers most common queries and doubts.

5. Do Your Homework (tickets, vaccinations, check things to do, etc.)

Lastly, but certainly, not the least! Do your homework; thoroughly. What this means exactly is that, before leaving to attend your volunteer program in Sri Lanka, you MUST make sure of ticking-off certain very necessary ‘things to do’ for your upcoming volunteer trip. This includes; but is not limited to,

  • Air tickets (to and fro)
  • Vaccinations
  • Places to visit in Sri Lanka
  • Visa requirements
  • Current political situation in the country
  • Currency conversion rate
  • Getting a travel insurance


And guess what!? Volunteering Solutions helps you tick-off all these departments; and more. So, technically, VolSol will help you do your homework, prepare you for the trip, provide an awesome experience, and make sure you have a successful volunteer experience in Sri Lanka (and other destinations as well; you know, in case you want to extend it!)


So these were, some really essential factors to follow in order to have a successful volunteer in Sri Lanka program. For more details and registration processes, email at [email protected]


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