India Summer Volunteering Program 2020 – An Overview


While planning for holidays the one thing that figures in everyone’s bucket list is a perfect summer trip abroad. A trip that is affordable, fun, safe and gives us an authentic cultural experience of the country that we plan to travel to. One of the best ways to get this experience is by taking up volunteer work during the summer trip abroad.

The summer project in India is one of our most popular and widely participated projects. It is a brilliant platform for volunteers across the globe to explore the second most populated country in the world that is known more for its cultural diversity and colorful lifestyle.

The projects under summer volunteering program are located in two contrasting cities of India; Delhi and Palampur. While one is the capital city and the biggest metropolitan of the country – bustling with population – with people from different background, castes, beliefs, lifestyle, and rituals, the other is an offbeat land of tranquility, serene ambiance, lush green landscapes, mighty tall mountains, and a lifestyle which is relaxing and laid back. Both the locations have their own charm and intrigue travelers for their own separate special reasons.

Volunteering Solutions offers a perfect summer volunteer trip abroad in five different countries, India is one of them and an interesting one indeed. Check out yourself and decide;

Summer Volunteering India 2020 – Delhi Page

Volunteers start their sojourn for summer volunteering in India from the capital city, Delhi. The availability of the dates for the program commencement can be checked from the company’s website and volunteers can register as per their convenience.  The arrival is at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport in New Delhi. Volunteers will be duly received from outside the arrival gates by the local coordinator appointed by Volunteering Solutions.

Although the entire itinerary is been provided to the volunteers beforehand – if asked for – in the form a pre-departure information set through emails, however, once arriving at the accommodation arranged for the volunteers, they will be briefed about their entire program during an in-house orientation session conducted by the coordinator.

Since the arrival day is over the weekend (Saturday – Sunday), volunteers can utilize this window to relax, get accustomed to the surroundings, and get familiarized with the neighborhood. Sunday is anyways utilized for the local sightseeing by the volunteers, wherein the volunteers get to visit and explore the heritage spots and other famous tourist hot spots in Delhi, under the supervision of the local coordinator. Places like, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, India Gate, Lotus Temple and more will be visited on the entire day. After so much of sightseeing and walking around, the late evening time is to give a break to your tired legs and catch up with other volunteers attending other programs. This will be done during the dinner time.

The week of hard work and dedication:

While attending the special summer program in India, volunteers get to work under Orphanage project or the Street Children Program. The entire week is dedicated to any one of these projects, which requires a volunteer to spend some quality time with the kids at the centers. Most of these kids are all alone in the world without families and look for that touch of affection, love, and tenderness.

Volunteers need to play a dual role of a teacher and a pal to these kids. Some basic subjects can be taught to the kids to upgrade their knowledge and education level. Volunteers can also take them for an outing to a park or food joint, or simply a close by ice-cream parlor. You will be amazed to see the glow of happiness in their eyes and how these small things bring huge joy to their life. Volunteers indulge in these activities for the entire week, from Mon-Fri, and prepare for a long fun trip ahead.

Work hard, Travel harder:

The second weekend initiates a long-lasting tour, which in VolSol’s terminology is known as the Golden Triangle trip. Volunteers leave early morning, after having breakfast, to the capital city of Rajasthan; Jaipur. Fondly known as the ‘Pink City’, Jaipur is a bustling town that reflects the colorful traditions and culture of Rajasthan from every corner of the city. Jaipur city is a 5 – 6 hours’ drive from Delhi, which means that you will be reaching your destination by mid/early afternoon.

After settling down at your accommodation set up, volunteers leave for some local sightseeing without wasting much time. The sightseeing includes a visit to some of the famous hot-spots in the city, such as the City Palace and the Jantar Mantar. The sightseeing is followed by a visit to the local traditional restaurant place called Chokhi Dhani. This is not just any other eating joint but a very famous one, covering a huge area and cladded with traditional stuff. Volunteers enjoy their dinner amidst some outstanding folk performances.

The next morning brings yet another thrilling day of travel and exploring, with a hint of volunteer work. Volunteers leave for the Amber Fort in the morning where they enjoy the ride of an elephant while saving the fine arts crafted on the walls of the fort in their camera. This is followed by a visit to the nearby elephant village where volunteers will be assisting the mahouts in cleaning and taking care of the elephants.

For the following next two days, volunteers will be witnessing what almost all of the travelers to India make sure to visit, the famous city of Agra, to come face-to-face with that one monument which is world famous, a UNESCO heritage, and one of the members of the 7 Wonders of the World; Yes! the very own Taj Mahal. Volunteers spend time in Agra to explore the markets, food, fort, and old lanes and eventually bid farewell to the city to mark the end of an exuberating trip. The next day, which would be a Thursday, is spent by volunteers in exploring the old lanes and markets of Delhi and collecting some memories for themselves.

Summer Volunteering India 2020 – Palampur Page

It is said that when one journey ends, another begins. At Volunteering Solutions, the journey never ends; it just transfers from one location to another. Following this ideology, volunteers under a summer volunteer project prepare to leave for the second leg of their program.

The journey starts from the jubilant city of Amritsar in the northern state of Punjab. The entire Friday is well spent by the volunteers in the city while exploring various spots, including the world famous Golden Temple and Jalianwalah Bagh (martyr’s garden memorial).

After relishing an entire stay in the city, volunteers are transferred to the beautiful mountain city of Dharamsala. Come home to the tranquil hill town, covered with the snow-clad Himalayas, a religious abode for many, and the home to the Dalai Lama. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city life and crowded areas, relax and adore the beauty of Mother Nature in the most serene environment. Volunteers, after arriving in Dharamsala, can choose to relax in their accommodation and cherish the fresh breeze or, can move out and explore the neighborhood. Dharamsala is located very close to Mcleodganj, which is comparatively a bigger town, where volunteers can shop and suffice their food lust.

Only strong minds reach to the pinnacle

The following morning marks the beginning for a two days trek trip to one of the most scintillating trekking trails in the region, Triund! Under the supervision of trained hikers and the local volsol coordinator, volunteers trek for 10 km to the top of Triund and camp there for a while. After rejoicing the adorable view of the Himalayas, volunteers return to the base in Dharamsala and leave to attend a volunteer program in Palampur.

Feeling tranquility of a different kind

Palampur, one of the most beautiful cities in Himachal, lays around 40 km from Dharamsala. Covered with lush green tea plantations, and mountains at its backdrop, the city provides a perfect picturesque ambiance. For the next 4 days, volunteers work under the Childcare program in Palampur city and spend some quality time with cute adolescents. These kids are in dire need of care and affection, and volunteers need to make sure that they do not just get it but feel it.

The accommodation is provided to the volunteers at a special volunteer house located in a pristine environment. The accommodation is a thoroughly clean and neat setup with all modern day facilities available inside. The rooms are pretty spacious and are allotted to the volunteers on same-gender sharing basis.

A full-time cook is appointed at the volunteer house who prepares some sumptuous meals for the volunteers thrice a day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The four-day volunteer work at Child Care Center marks the end of this marvelous 3 weeks extravaganza and volunteers pack to leave the next morning, back to home!

Note: Airport drop facility is provided to the volunteers from the volunteer house.

Summer Volunteering India 2020 – To Sum it All

Program Locations:                Delhi & Palampur

Destinations Covered:             Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Amritsar, Dharamsala, Triund, and Palampur

Projects Involved:                    Orphanage/Street Children (for Delhi) and Childcare (for Palampur)

Duration of the program:      3 weeks (min.)

Cost for the program:             in USD – $1100   ($400 for Goa beach week) + $250 registration charges

What the cost cover:

  • 24 hrs Assistance and support from staff
  • Comprehensive Pre- Departure Information
  • Pick up from the airport in Delhi
  • Orientation and Briefing
  • Food (2-3 times a day)
  • Accommodation
  • Delhi Sightseeing Tour, Trip to Agra and Jaipur
  • Trip to Amritsar to visit Golden Temple
  • Trekking Trip (2 Days/1 night)
  • Airport drop in Dharamsala
  • Support of Local friendly staff
  • Travel & Medical Insurance (Available at an extra cost)

Summer Volunteering India 2020 – An Extended Adventure Travel Experience!

India is an amazingly vibrant country, and one just can’t get enough of it. The more you explore here, the more it intrigues you. Once the volunteers complete their three weeks extravaganza in Delhi and Palampur, it becomes hard for them to say adios to this magical land. VolSol, thus, provides an extended one week trip to Goa, which is optional for the volunteers to take.

Goa is one of the top party hubs in the country and witnesses heavy tourist footfall, both local and global, all year round. The city bludgeons with fun-filled activities to do and marvelous places to see, which includes; surfing, Para-sailing, beach parties, music fests, delicious seafood, and ancient basilicas from the time of Portuguese rule. Although the trip does not involve in-country support from VolSol, guidance can be provided to design the entire itinerary including ticket and hotel bookings.

To know more on summer volunteering program in India, get in touch with our support staff at [email protected] and book your spot TODAY! See you in India.

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