Language And Orientation Volunteer Abroad Projects


Volunteering Solutions provides a plethora of program options to all its overseas travelers in different parts of the world. Adding to these programs is a unique feature offered by Volunteering Solutions at some of the selected destinations; a one week Language & Orientation program.

The sole purpose of this program is to familiarize the volunteers with the destination and its culture and to give them time to soak in the new environment, before beginning with their main project. Here is the comprehensive list of destinations where this program is offered and the list of benefits attached to it;

language orientation volunteering destinations with volsol



1. Take time to adjust

Through Language & Orientation Week, you get enough time to sync in steadily with the new atmosphere. You can take your time to get the feel of your surroundings and understand the lifestyle to a good extent.

2. Understand the culture

When you take up the Language & Orientation Week program, you spend the entire week and learn about the culture and history of the country. You get to know about basic traditional ethics and cultural nuances of the destination.

3. Learn the way to connect

During the Language & Orientation Week, volunteers are provided with extensive language classes that are conducted by trained and professional teachers. Communication, as we all know, is one of the best and fastest ways to bond easily with the natives.

4. Know about the problems

Every country (Yes! even yours) has its own set of social evils and issues. During the Language & Orientation Week, volunteers sit with the local coordinator and discuss the current social issues going on locally.

5. Witness the Past and the Origins

Volunteers, during the Language & Orientation Week, get a chance to make visits to several historical heritage sites and monuments. Thus, get to learn about the country’s glorious past and the struggles of the people back in that era.

Volunteers must understand that all these factors, collectively, help in making a path for them to execute their program with more ease and comfort.  Thus, it is important and advisable to all volunteers, who choose any of these destinations from the list, to go for the Language & Orientation volunteering project and make the sojourn much more effective.

To know more on volunteer abroad programs and details regarding registration process, speak with our program advisors at [email protected]

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