Recommended Immunizations For Volunteering Overseas

calendar_today July 20, 2015
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Traveling responsibly is one of the most important aspect of any expedition, which becomes utmost important if the purpose of traveling is volunteering abroad. The responsibility and alertness is not just meant to be for the project you are about to work under, but for the entire itinerary; including you. Being informed about the destination, you are traveling to, make things easier to handle and execute. One of the important information, which an ardent volunteer traveler must be aware of, is about the ongoing epidemics (if any) in that destination, and the precautionary vaccinations that are required to be taken to stay safe.




Volunteering Solutions highly recommends all its volunteers to consult their doctors before leaving for their volunteer trip in order to get proper advice. Volunteers can also get in touch with the program advisors of VolSol during the registration process at [email protected].

For more information visit our volunteering abroad FAQs section


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