10 Things That No One Will Tell You About Volunteering


If you are new to volunteering, there are things you should know, but no one will tell you about. Volunteering comes with its own set of myths and facts. Subject to more misconception and misplaced facts, volunteering at times takes all the limelight but not always for good reasons. Our volunteers and our own experience with volunteering have taught has many things about volunteering that no one would tell you about. Here, take a look:

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1. Volunteering is not just about working

Many people thought that when you volunteer, you will be spending the most of your time working. But this is just half the truth. In fact, many volunteers sign up for volunteering vacations or volunteering travel abroad a particular program in order to travel and explore many attractions, to get immersed in a particular culture, or to enhance their knowledge and skill in their profession.

2. Volunteering abroad is not a new concept

If you think that volunteering abroad is a new concept, you are already behind the trend. It has been around since the early 1960s and has continually existed to this day, proving that it is quite a popular activity among many people.

3. Anybody can volunteer

Some people think that you can only volunteer when you are educated in a particular field like when you have a degree in nursing, teaching or other professions. Although this is true for those who are into volunteer internship, most programs do not require a specialized skill or degree.

4. Volunteering is mutually beneficial to you and the people you will serve

You can greatly help improve the lives of people you will serve, while also learning and enhancing your own skills from your experience.

5. Volunteering abroad is not very expensive

Signing up for a volunteer work abroad can be affordable if you take advantage of discounted packages and special offers. There are also inexpensive destinations and programs that you could avail of if you just have the patience to look for them online. And quite often many NGOs and social organizations run entirely on the money spent by the volunteers on their volunteer program fee.

6. You can volunteer anywhere you like

Volunteer programs are not limited to India and Africa. A lot of people and places need your help. South East Asian countries and cities of Thailand, Spain, America, South Africa, all come with multiple volunteering opportunities.

7. You can avail customized volunteer programs

Do you know that you can study abroad while volunteering in the same country? This is because most programs can be customized for you. You can choose your own program location, duration, and time to suit your schedule and preference.

8. Volunteering can help you in your future employment

When you apply for work in the future, you may include your work experience as a volunteer in your resume. And many employers appreciate applicants who are willing to serve others for free.

9. You can volunteer as a group

Aside from volunteering individually, you may also be able to book for a volunteer placement as a group. You could volunteer in the same program as a family, as classmates, colleagues, a church group, and others. It is more fun to volunteer in groups than individually.

10. Even popular people volunteer abroad

Did you know that those showbiz personalities and even royalties like Prince Charles volunteer in other countries to serve their poor people? If they do, why can’t you?

These are 10 things you need to know about volunteering and share with other people. That way, more people will be encouraged to participate in this noble cause.

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