Activities To Get Involved In Bangkok-Thailand


Some call it ‘City of Smiles’, others like to say ‘City of Life’; whatever may the name be, the reality remains that Bangkok is one of the top most visited tourist destinations in the world. It has been named ‘World’s Best City’ by the Travel + Leisure magazine for four consecutive years, now that tells a lot about the city.

Glamour, entertainment, food, adventure, pleasure, sense of nirvana; the city has a lot to offer as a destination. Here is a list of things one can do and experience while you are in Bangkok:

1. One of the kind Architectures

vimanmek Palace Bangkok Thailand

The city of Bangkok is bludgeoned with some outstanding masterpieces of building framework. Though most of them are built from the years of yore, the charm and beauty remain intact till date.

Be it the royal palatial residences of The Grand Palace and the Vinanmek Mansion; the history-revealing museums of Bangkok National Museum and Bangkok Folk Museum; the divine Buddhist Wats of Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and Wat Phra Kaew; each one of them endures a charismatic aroma around them. The Vinanmek Mansion is tagged as the world’s largest golden teak mansion.

2. Get yourself the perfect Souvenir

floating marketing babgkok

It is said that when a traveler lands in Bangkok, no matter how many baggages they arrive in with, they always leave with an extra baggage; that signifies the craze for shopping in Bangkok. When walking around town, you will come across many fancy shopping malls, street vendors, and hawkers.

Chatuchak market, also known as the JJ market, is the biggest weekend street market in Thailand. Covering a whopping area of around 27 acres, the market houses 8000 stalls, that sells all kinds of craft work and local souvenirs. MBK Siam is another shopping arcade and is an indoor replica of Chatuchak market.

3. Bon Appetite


If shopping in Bangkok is a delight, wait till you cross one of the street food carts. Even if you plan to elude, the mere fragrance is enough to pull you to it. Go to Sukhumvit Soi38 for some sizzling and mouth-watering Thai street food, which will be easy on your pocket too. And, though, Thai food is known for its spicy curries and variations in preparing dishes, one can get a sinful treat of some delicious desserts; sticky rice with mango and coconut milk will tell you how.

4. Sizzling Nightlife   

bangkok night life

If there is something Bangkok is known for, apart from an array of Buddhist Wats and mansion turned museums, it is the raunchy and cult nightlife. The party scene in Bangkok is not limited to escort services anymore, which is the kind of image it carried for a good long time.

There are a number of amazing pubs and bars that host some groovy music nights and offer an enthralling ambiance. The level of safety while partying can be understood from the fact that, even a lone female can enjoy walking through the streets without any kind of hassle or fear of molestation.

5. Recreate yourself

Spa at bankok

It’s true that Bangkok is known for its shopping streets, (in)famous nightlife, Buddhist shrines and museums, but that is not where it all ends. There are many recreational activities one can experience while taking a break from the other activity you have done.

There are a number of body spas that use herbal therapies to give your body muscles a relaxing experience of a lifetime. One can paddle through the Lumpini Park, the rare open space in Bangkok, on a cycle and get connected with the tranquil ambiance. Surfing, ice skating, and Muay Thai are amongst another one can indulge themselves in.

What have you done while you are in Bangkok, share with us in comment box here.


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