Things To Do In China While Volunteering


China, Oh wait!!! The People’s Republic of China (that’s what it is officially known as), the world’s most populated nation, the largest and most complex economies in the world, homeland to vibrant lifestyle and amazing views crafted by nature; the definition is clear I hope.

Though it’s one of the booming economies in the world, it has its share of dark days and set of the population living in the ruins. There are, thus, several volunteering opportunities to be served at, in China. It can be a great window to explore this majestic country while being a helping hand by contributing to community building. Here is a list of things one can do while volunteering in China;

1. Enjoy the City Lights

The capital city of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing, is one of the most toured cities in the world. Some of the finest architectural pieces of work are holding their ground firm from centuries and with several nightclubs, party hubs, and fancy restaurants, the city takes the phrase ‘the city never goes to sleep’ quite literally. Bund, the flamboyant street side in Shanghai is a picture perfect example of what a city night with full of lights is all about.



2. Man-made Wonders

Of course, I am talking about the “Great Wall Of China”. One of the universe’s finest and the longest piece of man-made the structure, The Wall has made a great impact and significant contribution to putting China on the global map. But, that’s just not where it all stops. The Maglev train, running at a flashing speed of around 430kms/HR, is unarguably a great piece of technology work. The Oriental Pearl Tower, The Victoria Peak, The Shanghai Tower, The Window of the World and much more such elegant and ubiquitous masterpieces are there to see.



3. Devote yourself at Divine Shrines

The following of Buddhism is at par with the indigenous Taoism. This has led to the setting up of various temples and shrines in the country, all the way from the years of yore. The Jade Budha Temple, The Temple of Heaven, and of course, the cult Shaolin Temple; you have more than enough to soothe your senses and attain inner peace while being at these places.

Shanghai-Jade Buddha Temple


4. So many reasons to Gorge

The crave for Chinese cuisine is not just restricted to China, we all are pretty aware of it, aren’t we!? But Chinese delicacy is just not about a bowl of soup, chicken noodles, dumplings stuffed with pork and fish fries, while all these are supported by chopsticks. Enter a local restaurant, and your mind may just go for a delightful ride, looking at the variety of preparations at the offer. From deep fried pigeon meat to spicy tofu, the options are aplenty. Meanwhile, all the green survivors need not worry about getting their bellies filled; kitchen of the Chinese restaurants has some of the best vegetable dishes to serve at your table.

chinese cuisine


5. Encounter the Wildlife

Remember Po from the movie ‘Kung-fu Panda’? Those who haven’t seen the movie, it is highly recommended you do, NOW!!! The giant white Panda has a huge significance in the Chinese wildlife, and it is this because of which it is also the national animal of the country and not the other way round.  Meanwhile, there are almost 4500 different species of vertebrates that can be encountered at various national parks, sanctuaries and forest lands in the country. The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is one of the heavily visited tourist attractions. We now know why Po was the ‘Dragon Warrior’!!!

Panda-Wildlife of China


Volunteering Solutions have various volunteering programs set up in China; including, child care, teaching at the orphanage and school for poor children; where one can enroll themselves.

If you think this is your way of traveling, contact at [email protected]  or leave a comment below.



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