This is What Forms The A.R.M.S. of Volunteering Abroad


Volunteering Abroad… a concept which is highly popular within the millennial travelers. Students on their gap year and backpackers looking for a meaningful expedition take volunteering abroad to fulfill their desire. This is, arguably, the only kind of traveling abroad which benefits not just the traveler but an entire community.

Millions of travelers from all over the world realize the power of volunteering abroad, but probably don’t know the pillars of the concept, the four arms of volunteering abroad which is its core strength.

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Volunteering Solutions felt the need of spreading awareness about what volunteering abroad is entirely based on. We give you the four arms, the pillars, of volunteering abroad;



Since volunteering abroad is mostly practiced by students, it is only as obvious that their itinerary will be on a budget; and volunteering abroad does just that. The fee that a volunteer needs to pay for joining a program abroad covers their living, meals, and other misc. expenses (house keeping, laundry, ration, etc.). This helps in cutting down the expense of booking hotels, tour guides, and food; which, by the way, constitutes to one of the main travel expenses abroad.


With all the thrills of adventure activities, options for shopping through the market places, excitement of weekend excursion, and, of course, the contentment of help improving several disadvantaged lives, volunteering abroad is a complete travel package.

Taking up volunteering abroad is the most radical approach towards making the most of travel time abroad. One gets to experience all the elements of travel expedition with an add-on benefit of gaining work experience on a foreign soil.


In general, when we decide to take a trip to some place, we generally decide the ‘things to do’ once reaching the destination, and getting a clear understanding of what all opportunities are available. However, for a volunteering abroad program, we know it beforehand as to what are we actually traveling to a certain place for.

Imagine if a friend, relative, or peer asks “why traveling to Ghana”? You have the perfect answer for it when traveling to volunteering in Ghana. Volunteering abroad gives a purpose, a meaning, to your travel expedition.


Flip through volunteering abroad survey report and you’ll find that more than 70% of volunteers are the women of our society; and mostly they travel solo. While it may sound a little off, but being a women and traveling to a different country all alone can be a little unnerving. And that’s where volunteering abroad chips in as the key differentiator. While volunteering abroad, you are a not alone even If you are traveling solo.

You have the company of several other volunteers, a local supervisor (in-country coordinator), and in-mates at the placement. Volunteering Solutions, being a responsible placement agency, takes a step ahead and does a thorough background check of other volunteers, in-country coordinator, and placement staff; assuring a safer environment for solo women travelers.

But as they say, without the fingers, an arm is not complete. And, it’s the volunteers who make the fingers of these A.R.M.S; doing the main work. This, also, makes it one of the most crucial reasons as to why volunteer abroad is the way to travel on a gap year.


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