Top 5 Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Projects


Wildlife conservation volunteer work across the globe offers a huge variety of projects from the National parks of South Africa to the deserts of Israel; from the coral reefs of Thailand and Cambodia to the rainforest of Peru. These projects are suitable for those who love animals and would like to work with them and have a great interest in environment and animal conservation. Here are some wildlife and conservation project around the world to choose from:

Volunteer with Elephants in Surin – Thailand

Working with Elephant in Thailand is a unique opportunity to get first-hand experience of Thai life. In the “Capital of Elephants”-Surin, volunteers will learn to interact with the elephants, understand their behavior and how to ride, control and feed them. To add to the fun, in your free time you can shop in local markets and go for a weekend trip.

summer volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer at a Wildlife Reserve in South Africa

This project gives you a real look into Africa’s incredible wildlife and provides you a blend of nature and history to awaken your body, mind, and soul. To join the project no special skills or qualifications are required. Volunteering duties during the project are: Lion tracking and monitoring, tree planting and landscaping, Flora and fauna work in nurseries etc. On weekend you can either relax or go for excursion to enjoy a short trip to nearby destination.


Volunteer Turtle conservation program – Costa Rica

Volunteering for Turtle conservation includes work on beautiful beaches and be a part of the sea turtle’s struggle to survive poachers. Volunteers in this project work with local staff to harvest eggs, beach cleaning, counting turtles, and collecting eggs and keep them away from predators. To take part in this project all volunteers should be prepared physically and mentally to do hard work.


Animal Rescue Center in Ecuador

Working in an Animal Rescue Center will help to rehabilitate endangered animals from deforestation and animal trafficking. Volunteer’s role in the project is to support and work with local staff, clean cages and repair, give food and water to animals, assist the veterinarian etc.


Marine Conservation Project in Spain

The project is located in Denia, a traditional fishing town and a home of Marine Reserve. Participant’s tasks include underwater cleaning; learn to identify the targeted species, survey and data collection of underwater habitats in danger and helping with logistical operations. In addition you also learn scuba dive and other sports activities like snorkeling and sailing.


So if you want to do something about it, then discover world’s most breath-taking locations and gain valuable altruistic experience. Enjoy Volunteering.

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