24 Incredible Pictures of Volunteering in Africa That Will Make You Want to Relocate


So, let’s say, you visited a famous restaurant in your town and ordered your favorite from the menu. You relished your meal, had a great time, paid your bill, and left. Now, imagine, during all this while, had there been an opportunity or an occasion where the head chef himself had come up to your table to ask you about the meal you ordered; a feedback. Or may be sat down for a while with you to discuss about how, and what all went in to create that perfect taste. Now, wouldn’t that be a delightful and an uncommon experience of visiting a restaurant, where you get to know about the insides of the kitchen? Indeed!

The same applies to the experience of volunteer traveling abroad. You don’t simply travel as a tourist, but as a native. You not only enjoy the adventure activities, you get to live them. You don’t live in a plush hotel in the middle of stuffed city area, but with the natives in an open village area. The experience of traveling abroad gets a personal touch when you add volunteering to it.

It needs all the more reason to make it a special one, when the destination you plan to volunteer travel to is an African nation.

Enough has been said, over the years, about the adventures of traveling to an African country. Thrilling game drives, eye-popping natural beauty, suave wildlife, breath-taking sports, and more. However, one thing that many travelers miss out on is experiencing the hospitality and the lifestyle of people in Africa. Volunteering in Africa gives you the opportunity to experience this untouched area of traveling in Africa; along with the rest.

And to bring things into perspective, Volunteering Solutions brings you 24 of the most stunning and heart melting pictures of volunteering in Africa that may just provoke you to take that dust off your backpack and travel to Africa; may be to relocate permanently!

wildlife conservation in Africa


volunteering in south africa



volunteering in Morocco Africa

volunteering in Africa

volunteer work with children in Africa

volunteer in africa with volsol

Volunteer in Kenya (1)


Volunteer in Kenya (5)

volunteer travel in Africa

volunteer with masai tribes in Kenya


Volunteer in Africa 1

volunteer for wildlife in africa

volunteer for wildlife conservation in Africa


volunteer abroad Africa with volsol

Vera Hellmold volunteer in Africa

Ana Silleras Villamayor volunteer in Africa2


Isa Torrellas Darvas volunteer in Orphanage Program Ghana

Marie-Christine Straußberger volunteer in africa

Brie McCormack volunteer in africa 3





childcare volunteering in Africa

sandra wagner volunteer in africa

sandra wagner volunteering in africa


Enny Templin volunteer in Kenya 4

Ido Ishai volunteer in Orphanage Ghana


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