Volunteer Opportunities for Australians in Asia in 2017


Before we unfold those volunteer opportunities for Australians in 2017, let us take a sneak peak into the fact that has led us here.

If you take out the list of countries that travel the most (locally and internationally), you’ll find Australia in the top 10 of each of these lists.  Australians are known for their wanderlust, and that is not just limited to adventure or luxury travel. Travelers from Australia are always on the hunt for new and different kinds of experiences. They always look for a new escapade, for a new challenge, to add a new adventure to their lives.

It is one of the main reasons as to why the preference for an Australian traveler has now shifted to a more responsible approach; they choose volunteer travel as a part of their expedition.

Volunteering Solutions has been keeping observation on our volunteers, and what we found out was that not only the Aussies are one of the top applicants to volunteer abroad, but it is Asia that they choose mainly to volunteer work at.

Keeping these factors into consideration, here are some of the best volunteer opportunities for Australians in Asia in 2017:


Teaching English Program in Cambodia

Volunteer teaching in Cambodia

Teaching English volunteer program in Cambodia is one of the most effective ways to help and support the education system in the country. In Cambodia, the opportunity to learn and study is not available for everybody, especially, those from poor and underprivileged family backgrounds. Teaching English to the children from the underprivileged section of the society can, thus, help in improving the employment prospects of the future generations. A decent command on the language can improve the chances of getting a better-paid job for young workers and can expand the scope of job profiles they can venture into. Volunteering in Cambodia benefits both the volunteers and the students, and it will be an unforgettable experience.


Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand

Thailand Elephant volunteering

If there is one thing that Thailand is known for apart from its scintillating beaches, it is definitely the Elephants. Elephants are immensely popular in Thailand and are highly revered as well. The love and affection for these giant mammals in Thailand is pretty evident, and that is exactly what the elephant camp volunteering is all about. Volunteers interested in wildlife and animal welfare are recommended to join this project. Under this program, volunteers stay at an elephant camp, which is a beautiful setup, located amidst lush green forests and surrounded by tall mountains from all sides. Every little bit helps in the development of the camp.


Medical Volunteer program in India

Medical volunteering in India

Medical volunteering in India is a great way for overseas students and practitioners to understand the healthcare system in India; along with giving a positive push to their medical career. Volunteers joining the medical program in are placed in the capital city Delhi, where they work in local medical clinics or hospitals. Medical volunteers are tagged along with a doctor or medical professional whom they assist as well as the shadow in daily tasks at the project. This program is strictly and best suitable for pre-meds, nursing, and medical students or people related to health care or having similar qualification or background. This project is open to people in age group of 18 and above. The clinic has a doctor and an assistant and volunteers assistance is regularly needed. Volunteers work along with the doctor and help in patient checkups, giving immunizations to the children and daily routine tasks.


Nepal Volunteer Adventure Tour

Nepal volunteer adventure tour

The Nepal summer volunteer program is a specially for those travelers who face time crunch but still want to travel and make a difference. This 3 weeks’ extravaganza will take you to some of the best places and thrilling places in Nepal. Explore the home to world’s highest mountain peak while helping make several unfortunate lives better.


Wildlife Conservation in Sri Lanka

wildlife volunteering in Sri lanka

This quaint and pious South Asian country has a lot of affection and reverence for animals; something you’ll see when in Sri Lanka. Under the wildlife conservation, travelers have the option to either volunteer at an elephant camp, where unwell elephants are being treated and taken care of, or volunteer for the turtle conservation program. Both these opportunities are filled with thrill and adventure, as the volunteers get to live a life out of ordinary. This is a highly recommended volunteering option for wildlife and animal lovers.


Note: For those, who can manage to extend their travel time a little, can try and tie up volunteer programs in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka; as all three of these volunteer destinations share borders with each other and are very close to each other.

To know more about how you can do three different projects in these three different countries in just one trip, get in touch with our program advisor NOW at [email protected].


Volunteer with Children in Vietnam

Childcare volunteer in vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most underrated destinations in Asia. Childcare volunteer program in Vietnam is an important project and needs a lot of dedication and patience. The placement is provided at orphanage centers for disabled children and other childcare centers in Ho Chi Minh City. What it provides in return is an opportunity to witness the typical Vietnamese lifestyle. Volunteering in Vietnam can be a tranquil experience as a generic lifestyle in this country is pretty laid back and subtle. Volunteers can, also, use their free time, over the weekend, visiting some of the best beaches around mainland Ho Chi Minh.


Rural Health Nutrition Program in the Philippines

Rural healthcare in Philippines

Volunteering Solutions offers a special Nutrition and Public Health volunteering opportunities in the Philippines that aims to rectify and improve the malnourished condition of infants, especially, those born in low-income communities. This project is more on the lines of public awareness and includes a feeding program for malnourished children.


Under this project, VolSol volunteers have to organize seminars and workshops for the local and the rural communities and enlighten them about the benefits of a balanced diet and maintaining nutritional plans. Through these information-rich workshops, volunteers have to convince the parents to create a food habit that is rich in vital nutrients and nourishing for the kids. These learnings have to be imparted keeping in view that the locals do not compromise on their personal savings. The goals of the project are two-fold.

  • The first is to provide a stable supplementary feeding program for malnourished infants for pre-school children aged 3 to 6 years old. 
  • The second is to disseminate information to parents about the importance of healthy nutrition through a series of workshops and seminars.


Which of these destinations would you prefer volunteering at?

Tell us about your choice and know more at [email protected]

And if you are confused about where to travel and volunteer, we shall make it a little easier for you! Take this Quiz and know Where Should You Volunteer in Asia in 2017?


Hurry up, mate!

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