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Are You 17-Year-Old And Looking For A Volunteering Opportunity Abroad?

If your answer is “YES”, then I hope you’ll find solutions to all your worries in this article.

17 is that age bar when you are out of High School and messed up about what next to do in life. Parents keep instructing to do something, friends keep giving their expert suggestions while you must be feeling like escaping to a new country that you’ve just read about in books and dreamt of visiting that place at some point in life.

Well, what if I tell you that this is that time?

Yes, you heard me correct.

There are numerous travel and volunteer abroad opportunities for 17+ people who are full of enthusiasm, creativity, energy and leadership potential. You can step out of your comfort zone, travel to the destination of your choice at an affordable cost and make a difference in the life of people who can live a better life with your help.

Here are the destinations and programs from which you can pick your favorite, and then start doing the rest of the research about your chosen program.



Deemed as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, India is the second most populated country in the world after China. While the country is making a mark in several spheres of development, there are still crowds of underprivileged ones in the country who need a little push from outside to be a part of the developing society.

Volunteering Solutions has several programs going on in India at different locations – New Delhi (the capital of India), Palampur (a Himalayan town in the Northern part of the country) and Cochin (Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country).

Enthusiasts who are 17+ and want to spend quality time with children can join the teaching, orphanage or child care projects in India. Those who are confident enough to engage themselves with skill-building of women can join the women empowerment projects.

Being a part of these projects will enable you to explore the life of the locals and also know more deeply about the rich culture of the country. You can also explore the nearby destinations of your placement area.



Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas and housing the highest peak of the world, Mt. Everest, Nepal’s gorgeousness can never fail to mesmerize anyone. With snow clad peaks all around and lush green meadows with gusty flowing rivulets, Nepal is a destination that every traveler dreams of visiting.

VolSol will give you the opportunity to volunteer in Nepal if you want to make the most of your upcoming spring/summer break and wondering whether you can be a volunteer in Nepal.

We have tied up with trusted organizations in Nepal and you shall be guided and oriented well before you step into your placement location. Your age wouldn’t be a bar – you’re confidence and passion will help you set an example for others.

Also, adrenaline junkies can try out several adventure sports like river rafting and bungee jumping while volunteering in Nepal.


Costa Rica

This Latin American country attracts millions of tourists each year for its beautiful beaches in general.

Famous for the hillside coffee plantation and volcanic national parks, the placement locations of Costa Rica also have dense tropical forests, stunning waterfalls and roaring rivers that make it the ideal destination.

If you are planning to set out for your first solo trip abroad, then what can be a better option than Costa Rica?

We have several affordable and meaningful projects in three different destinations near San Jose, and folks who are 17-year-old or above can easily be a part of them. There are programs that’ll not only empower you to give back to the society but also enhance certain qualities in you, that probably you aren’t yet aware of.

You can also learn the Spanish language while volunteering in Costa Rica.



The land of the Incas, Peru is famous for the ruins of Machu Picchu – but trust me when I say that there’s lot more to be discovered.

As you take your volunteering trip to Peru with VolSol, you’ll be introduced to a completely new side of Peru. You can stay with the locals and contribute to the host community by teaching little kids or taking care of the orphans and showering them with the love and care that they deserve.

You can also explore the breathtaking architecture while enjoying the mixture of the ancient and modern worlds, together. And when in Peru, how can one afford to miss the finger-licking cuisine of the country? Try to learn a few dishes as well, so that you can amuse your friends and family once you head back home after an experience of a lifetime.



VolSol has amazing volunteering projects in Tanzania, the African country which houses Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania is immensely popular for the Serengeti National Park and the Maasai tribal folks who are the original dwellers of the land. Most of us living in a perfect urban setup often fail to understand how difficult life can be for the ones who are deprived of even the basic necessities.

This is the time when you can play a major role in making some difference in these lives by volunteering in Tanzania. Join the teaching or orphanage projects in Arusha and Zanzibar, and live with the locals for a while. I assure you that this will be one of the most memorable phases of your life.

And of course, you can go for wildlife safaris while in the country, take lots of photographs and flaunt them as much as you want!



This African country is more a mixture of European and Arabic, than anything else! With blue painted streets and gorgeous mosques to vast stretches of the desert – Morocco is a country that one should visit at least once in a lifetime.

If you are skeptical about how you can contribute as a 17-year-old volunteer, then do check out the affordable range of projects in Morocco that VolSol has to offer you.

Although there’s much rumor about Morocco being unsafe, to tell the truth, it is one of the safest African countries.


Summer Adventure Programs 2019

Apart from these specific destinations, VolSol has exclusively crafted a set of Summer Adventure Programs for those who have limited time in hand and still want to explore and volunteer abroad. These programs have a perfect balance of work and travel combo.

You can utilize your Summer Break effectively by being a part of any of these projects. You’ll get to see a country differently, unlike other tourists and also get to volunteer and spread some happiness.

It’s going to be a great learning journey for you. Your friends and family will surely be more proud of you after you return back home as a more evolved person.


All that you need to travel and volunteer abroad is the faith in yourself, along with a consent letter from your guardian (which is a must!). We know that you have the potential to do good.


For more information, get in touch with our program advisors – [email protected]

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