Volunteering In Bangkok – Best Weekend Activity Options


Bangkok is certainly not an unknown destination for travelers and backpackers. In fact, it forms the muscle power for Thailand’s tourism industry; so much so that it became the most visited city in the world in the Forbes’ list of World’s Top 10 Most visited Cities. While volunteering in Bangkok with Volunteering Solutions the weekends are generally off, which leaves the volunteers with two complete days, i.e. 48 hours, to explore the city as much as they can.

Here is what to see and do while volunteering in Bangkok to get the best of the city.

Visit the historical architectures to see the artistic side of the city

With a plethora of temples (aka Wats) and Buddhist monasteries, the city is marked with a lot of architectural brilliance to see and explore. Few of the constructional gems in Bangkok includes,

–     The Grand Palace                      :       The Royal Residence

–     Wat Pho                                        :      Globally known for the temple of the Reclining Buddha.

–     Bangkok National Museum      :      Largest museum in all of Southeast Asia

–     Kamthieng House Museum     :       A 160 year old traditional museum made of teak wood

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Shop as much as you can from markets akin to a small town altogether

The city of Bangkok is filled with markets that are not like any other ordinary markets. There is Damnoen Saduak market, which is a floating market, yes! a market on water. Then you have the Khao San Road, which is a hub for several shops, cafes, libraries, and much more. And how can one miss out on the world famous Chatuchak market, the largest weekend market in the world with around 1500 different stalls.

Gorge on the local delicacies… try the street food stalls

Walking through market streets and exploring all the historical monuments drains out a lot of energy. Only a platter of some lip-smacking local Thai cuisine can rejuvenate to continue with the expedition. While exploring the city, you can find a food stall or a food café at almost every corner of the street. Some of the ‘must try’ delicacies include

Taste the thai delicacies –     Pad Thai            :       Thai style fried noodles

–     Tom Kha Khai :        Chicken prepared in coconut soup

–     Yam Nua           :       Spicy Beef Salad (A must must try)

–     Kanom Bueang :      Crispy Pancakes

Recreate at the end of the day in the best way possible

Bangkok is not just known for its pristine Wats, huge markets, and sumptuous food varieties; there is one more thing for which Thailand is known globally, which is the Thai Massage, and Bangkok is a hub for that. While exploring the city, you will come across a lot of authentic Thai massage centers where you can get the most relaxing experience of your life.

Bangkok is not a city to cover entirely in just two days, let’s be frank here. But doing above mentioned activities can surely give you a good glimpse of the city. The best part, however, is that the projects offered by Volunteering Solutions in Bangkok are for 2 weeks or more, giving you a window to explore more.

Night life in Bangkok

The happening nightlife of Bangkok is world renowned. Some of the best eateries, pubs and bars are located in Bangkok. Rooftop bars is a speciality of the city and must be checked out during the weekend. Make sure that you go in a group with people you are well acquainted with to avoid any misadventure.
The above are some of the most recommended weekend activity options in Bangkok but afternoons and evenings can also be utilised to explore the city in your free time while volunteering in Bangkok, Thailand.  A mix of volunteer work and some thorough exploration of the city can create the perfect volunteering escapade and the ones who’ve already been there can pitch in their own recommendations down below in the comments section.

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