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Volunteering in Kenya has tremendous appeal for a lot of people and it’s not at all surprising when you consider what Kenya has to offer. There’s the ethnic and cultural diversity and the world-renowned Masai Mara National Reserve, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the list is endless. But that is just not all. There is a lot of work to be done. Kenya is one of the poorest countries in the world even if it has stunning scenery and amazing wildlife in Africa region. Kenya is still in serious need of employment options as well as the improved education system and healthcare system.

Michelle Koomen while volunteering in Kenya

Volunteering Solutions provides volunteering opportunities in following program fields: –

1. Language & Orientation Week – Kenya:

This program is only for 1 week that is 6 days and it helps you to understand Kenyan culture and lifestyle of Kenyans in a better way. Volunteers have the option to join this program before starting any other program in Kenya.  This program basically covers segments like culture, basic language, food, places to visit and things to do while volunteering in Kenya.

2. Volunteer Orphanage Kenya:

Volunteering with children is undoubtedly the most rewarding experience for anyone. We provide hands-on work involvement with the children. Volunteers will work in tandem with local staff and help children in feeding, dressing, helping with homework and keeping them active with games or other such activities.

3. Volunteer Teaching English Program: 

Under this program, volunteers teach different subjects in Kenyan elementary and high schools. We can also provide placement in community schools and orphanage schools. Volunteers can teach English, mathematics, science, geography, social sciences, history, physical education, art and music and can lead their own class.

4. Healthcare / Medical Program in Kenya:

As I mentioned above, there is a lot of scope for improvement in the Kenyan medical field. There is a shortage of staff and this is where the volunteers play a very important role. We accept premedical, medical students and medical professionals and provide placement in medical clinics and hospitals in Nairobi where you can volunteer as per your experience.

5. Volunteer Masai Teaching Program in Kenya:
This program is recommended to those who are interested in living a simple life in Masai Mara. Our volunteers will stay with Masai local people and families and learn the traditional way of living as well as their culture. You will teach them the English language to improve their conversational English. Volunteers can also get involved with community development work in the Masai region.
Volunteers can join our program from any Monday of the month any time of the year as our placements are open throughout the whole year.  Our programs are open to everyone and you don’t need any special qualification to join our programs. To know more about the details of a particular program visit volunteering solutions website.

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