5 Destinations For Family Volunteering Abroad


Traveling abroad with family is something everyone looks forward to, during holidays. What if you get an opportunity to make your trip more than just a holiday expedition? Adding volunteering to your family trip gives it a different meaning altogether, and also an opportunity for your children to learn something new, something different, and learn how to indulge in act of kindness from a young age. Volunteering Solutions recommends 5 awesome destinations to volunteer with your family to make the most of your travel time:


The reason to mention India at the top of this list is simple; diverse culture to learn. Volunteering in India with your family makes a great holiday experience, especially, for the kids. Witnessing such diversified traditions of a country, at such a tender age, can prove to be a great learning for them. Also, India provides plethora of tourist hotspots that are rich in, both, heritage and nature.



  1. Delhi
  2. Palampur

Relevant Programs:    

  1. Women Empowerment
  2. Orphanage Program
  3. Childcare Project
  4. Teaching Programs



One of the ‘Gems’ of Western Africa, Ghana is the façade of a traditional African lifestyle. The hospitality served by the people of this region, the opportunity to understand the local way of living, and witnessing the amazing wildlife through safaris are all unparalleled. To top it all, the rural areas of Ghana do need a lot of volunteer support from all over to improve the living conditions.



  1. Tamale

Relevant Programs

  1. Orphanage Program
  2. Teaching Program
  3. Girl Education Project
  4. Community Development Project



Yes! Tanzania is considered to be one of the best Wildlife Safari destinations in the world with the likes of Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro National Park. Yes! It is a home to some of world’s best natural wonders with the likes of Lake Victoria, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and tropical islands of Zanzibar. But, these few factors are just an outline of the many reasons for you to visit this country to volunteer with your family.



  1. Arusha
  2. Zanzibar

Relevant Programs

  1. Orphanage Program
  2. Teaching Projects



So, just because India is been put on the top of this list, and Sri Lanka on the 4th, doesn’t means it makes any less an enjoyable journey for your family. This Indian neighbor, island country of South Asia has several enough reasons to intrigue you to travel here. While volunteering in Sri Lanka, you can feel the pious ambience and witness the gems of nature.



  1. Colombo
  2. Galle

Relevant Programs

  1. Teaching Monks
  2. Disable Care Project
  3. Sea Turtle Conservation
  4. Elephant Camp



Another neighboring country to India, Nepal is unarguable one of the safest destinations in the world to travel with your family. The laidback and relaxed lifestyle will come across as a peaceful way of living rather than being slow or lazy approach towards life. The hospitality is immense and you are certain to return leaving a new ‘extended family’ to come back for.



  1. Kathmandu

Relevant Programs

  1. Orphanage Program
  2. Teaching Project

Make this holiday season a different one from all those you have ever had, by adding a volunteering stint to your expedition. To know more on family volunteer programs abroad, you can speak with our program advisors at [email protected]

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