Reasons To Volunteer In Palampur, Dharamsala In India


Known as the ‘Tea Capital of North India’, Palampur is a beautiful valley town located in the Kangra district of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The town boasts of lush green landscapes formed by long stretched tea farms, snowcapped mountains, milky white water falls, and solace amidst nature. Many volunteers who choose India as a destination to volunteer abroad often choose Palampur for a variety of reasons.  Find out more about the most popular reasons below.

1. Variety Of Programs

Volunteering Solutions provides a series of different programs in Palampur, thus providing an opportunity to choose the platform that best suits your interest. Volunteer projects in Childcare, Mentally Disabled Children, and Teaching are offered in Palampur, along with special internship opportunities in Dental elective and Medical programs.



2. Affordably Priced Projects

Palampur being a small valley in the state of Himachal is a very inexpensive place to stay at. Adding the reasonably priced program cost to this fact makes it an extremely affordable option to travel abroad. All volunteer projects are priced within $500 – $1000, including the internship programs as well. This cost includes accommodation and meals for the volunteers, covering their basic major expenses during their stay.

3. Tranquility That Is Unparalleled

The total population of this Himalayan valley is roughly around 70,000 making it a place of peace and tranquility. Away from the honking and pollution of vehicles and hustle bustle of noisy city life, Palampur provides a serene ambience amidst the beauty of natural surrounding and fresh air.



4. Mystical Mountains

Wasn’t this obvious? Palampur is located within the great Himalayas in the Kangra Valley, surrounded with tall, snowcapped mountains. This also means that volunteering in Palampur provides a great opportunity for all trek enthusiasts to explore the rugged paths that leads to the pinnacle.

palampur mountains


5. Super Friendly People

The natives of Palampur valley are known all over for their hospitality and warm nature. They still follow their root traditions very religiously and are very much attached to their age old culture. This is something you will witness when you visit the region to volunteer under a program.

Volunteer in Dharamsala


6. Breathtakingly Beautiful Monasteries

A small 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive down the hill towards the plains will take you to the holy land of Dharamsala; home to the Dalai Lama. The place is a great getaway for the weekends, where volunteers can explore the different monasteries and Buddhist temples.



Himalayas in India are famous far and wide. There is nothing comparable to living in the tranquility of them and also volunteers for its natives. Interested to know how can you secure a spot for the volunteering programs in Palampur, drop us a mail today at [email protected]

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