Urban Gardening Volunteering Program in Brazil

Trip Highlights

  • Spend some amazing days in the picturesque city of Rio
  • Volunteer to make the environment better, and help the people cultivate healthy food
  • Experience the authentic Brazilian lifestyle while living closely with the locals
  • Explore the gorgeous beaches of Rio and soak in the sun on the weekends
  • Meet some amazing travelers from other parts of the world


In association with a local organization, Volunteering Solutions aims to turn a former trash-burning site into a flourishing urban community garden. Sounds pretty interesting right? Well, yeah - all you have to do as a volunteer are planting, watering, harvesting & eating! Learn more about tropical urban gardening and help the local favela community in understanding the necessity of this. You'll also have to work in local schools and help them set up small gardens where the students can work.

This project seriously focuses on the goal of providing the residents of two of Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela (shanty town) communities - Manguinhos and Complexo do Alemão, with nutritious food. It aims to teach them the skills to garden and supply fresh, healthy food for their families and community.

Sadly, the residents of Rio's favelas are being targeted by the door-to-door selling of cheap processed food options, an easy option for residents when there are is no vehicle to get to the supermarket and public transport is expensive. Most people in the poorest communities are also under-educated, making them more vulnerable to advertising from the major food and beverage companies. Most of the people end up consuming expensive processed foods that have very low nutritional value and the health issues keep soaring. Being a volunteer for the Urban Gardening Project, you can make an effective contribution towards the well being of the locals living here.

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