Youth Athletic Volunteer Program in Brazil

Trip Highlights

  • Spend some amazing days in the picturesque city of Rio
  • Volunteer with the local youth and school students, helping them to master the sports of their choice as well as focus on their physical fitness
  • Experience the authentic Brazilian lifestyle while living closely with the locals
  • Explore the gorgeous beaches of Rio and soak in the sun on the weekends
  • Meet some amazing travelers from other parts of the world


Brazil and soccer have had a link since forever! Known to be a world-class team, Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup several times. This ensures the fact that the youth of the country have a knack for the game. And it's not just soccer - but also other sports including volleyball, basketball etc. It is essential to engage the youth in sports as it leads to the empowerment and social inclusion of vulnerable sections of youth. It often ensures a means for employment as well. In addition, it stimulates physical, social, cognitive and emotional development.

If you are sports lover and feel the zeal to coach the youth and students (especially those who are coping with post-conflict trauma due to previous realities of drug trafficking), then you can join the Youth Athletic Program and help to educate and empower youth, keeping them off the streets and inspiring them to become active. You can play an active role in the time of rapid transition in the Complexo do Alemão, and promote sustainable social change for the youth. Some volunteers will also get to take physical education sessions at the public schools.

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