Child Care Volunteering in Ecuador at Children’s Hospital

Trip Highlights

  • Work for the welfare of the local community and underserved children in Ecuador
  • Opportunity to volunteer for Childcare Program in a Children’s Hospital 
  • The center houses children who are getting treated for various diseases which include both physical and mental diseases 
  • Work also entails supporting local staff/supervisor 
  • Choose work in accordance with the length of stay, differential responsibilities handed over long-term as compared to short-term volunteers 
  • On weekends explore the city 


Under this Childcare Volunteering Project, volunteers get to work in a public hospital. This is a very large hospital, specially made for children. Children aged 0 to 15 years are treated here. Children from all over Ecuador come here to receive medical treatment and according to recent statistics over 140,000 patients are treated every year. The hospital attends to medical emergencies as well as providing long-term care for those who are extremely ill.

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