Why Embark On A VolSol Learning Journey?

  • Exposure Beyond Classroom

    Opportunity to implement classroom lessons in practical situations.

  • World-class Learning Opportunities

    Travel to places and gain first-hand learning experience under the guidance of mentors.

  • Experience The Local Culture & Lifestyle

    Meet people and live life their way, to understand the beauty of diversity.

  • Exclusive Pre-Departure Knowledge Guide

    A brochure that would answer all your questions and enhance your understanding about the entire service learning journey.

  • Boost Creativity & Team Building Capacity

    Get exposed to real-world problems, and work as a team to find out solutions to them.

Best Service Learning Programs Abroad & Educational Tours

Not all lessons can take place within the four walls of the classroom, and we, at Volunteering Solutions, have been aligning with the concept of experiential learning for more than a decade now. Established in 2006, the organization has stood by its values to spreading happiness amongst different societies through the active contribution of people who are keen on making a difference and gaining valuable lessons from their own journey.


It's time to set your students free from the classroom and teach them about the real world! Embark on a service learning journey to Ireland and let them experience the best of nature's reserves and development of science & technology.


Take your students for a service learning trip to Malaysia and let them experience the goodness of the country that has misty tea plantations, cool highland hideaways, gorgeous beaches, and age-old jungles.


Plan an educational tour to Thailand for your students and let them experience a different culture, break their fear of language barriers and culture shock, introduce them to first-hand learning experiences, give them an opportunity to contribute

United Kingdom

The service learning journey to the United Kingdom will expose your students to something they've never experienced before. Whether it's about a work exposure in the city of London, or watching a football match at Manchester or exploring the castles

Project Types

Experience The Goodness Of Service Learning Journeys with Volunteering Solutions!

In this 21st Century, the meaning of 'Education' has changed tremendously than what it signified before. Today, people are keen to break free from their known walls, to explore the hidden trails and understand the world scenario through more active involvement. Experiential learning along with service learning & volunteering abroad opportunities have gained new heights as more and more millennials are thinking of making different career choices that would not just be meaningful for them for also make a difference to the world.

Volunteering Solutions was established in the year 2006, with the aims to touch underprivileged lives in developing nations and make an effective contribution towards their growth and well being. Over the last 12 years, we have hosted more than 19,000 participants who traveled from different parts of the world and put in their efforts to bring a change to the society. Majority of our enthusiasts are school, college or university students who have the zeal to get their hands dirty, mingle with people at a different corner of the world, and learn how life is extremely different for others than what they have always read in books or seen on the internet.

Our main aim is to provide the participants with sheer knowledge through experiences that are more real than anything else. One will only get to learn what lies behind the borders, when one steps out of their comfort zone.

To put it in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


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