Orphanage Volunteer Program in India

Trip Highlights

  • Get involved in volunteering for children in India that include working in local shelter homes, taking care of children, playing with them, teaching them, resource mobilization for their essentials and upkeep 
  • Plan and execute leisure/learning
  • Assist local staff in administrative tasks 
  • Engage with all stakeholders of the organization and help in drafting a policy for the benefit of the children 
  • Explore the capital city Delhi, its heritage sights, and the Taj Mahal during weekends.


Volunteers joining the Orphanage Volunteer Program in India will provide support to these underprivileged and uncared for children to alleviate their suffering by helping them live a dignified life. Orphans are deprived of many opportunities necessary for their development. Your little help can be of great significance for these children, providing them a secure present and a promising future. Spend time with them. Receive their warmth and affection. Tell them stories. Share their dreams. Working for children is a truly fulfilling and enriching experience.

The capital city, Delhi, is home to many unfortunate orphan children in India. These children are given refuge in orphanages and shelter homes, being run by various non-government organizations throughout the city. These are distressed children who come from difficult circumstances, which detached them from the joys of childhood. They require love, care, affection, warmth and, very importantly, education. 

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