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Placements, under the teaching volunteer program in Sri Lanka,  are provided with some underprivileged schools in the outskirts of Colombo. These schools are dedicated to provide proper education to children from poor family backgrounds. This is a great volunteer abroad opportunity for gap year travelers who are interested in teaching and looking to gain some international hands-on experience in education line. By volunteering to teach in schools in Sri Lanka, volunteers can make a huge difference in the lives of these underprivileged kids, while making way for a great future career prospect for themselves. The minimum age limit for this project would be 18yrs.

Volunteer tasks under the Teaching Program in Sri Lanka

?Given the crunch condition of these schools, volunteers will be providing valuable and important support to teachers. Volunteer duties in the program depend on the participants experience and skill level. Some of the activities volunteers are supposed to perform under this program includes;
  • Help the teachers with the running of various classes such as art, music, drama, English, wood work, and/or home economics.
  • Help the young adults with vocational training which will help them to become self-sustained.
  • Provide extra lessons for those students who are not very confident in class or need a little extra help with homework.
  • Native English speaking volunteers are needed to work alongside local teachers to teach English or other subjects.
  • Conduct classes by your own or help assisting teachers.
  • Working with small groups of children
  • Making the teacher student sessions more interactive, engaging and challenging.

Teaching Volunteers Schedule

A generic day to day routine of volunteers joining teaching program in  Sri Lanka includes;
  • Sunday - Arrival in Sri Lanka
  • Monday - Orientation + Start with the program. Orientation session will be conducted by the local coordinator, covering topic areas; such as safety, culture, language, places to visit, behaviour, food, and other suggestion over things to do in Sri Lanka.
  • Tue to Fri - Volunteer Work
    • Breakfast - 07:30 am onwards
    • Working hours at the placement - 08:30 am to 12:00 noon or 01:00 pm to 04:00 pm (volunteers either work in the first half or the second half of the day, depending on the requirement. Check with your local coordinator for the same).
    • Lunch - 12:30 pm onwards
    • Dinner - 07:00 pm onwards.
The same volunteer work schedule continues from the second week onwards
Weekends : Free to explore the city (no meals are provided over the weekends and
volunteers are encouraged to experience the local cuisine.)

Note: Please note, the schedule may vary depending on the particular project the volunteer is participating in.

Sri Lanka Program Booking
Volunteers can begin their project placement on any start date listed below. Participant needs to arrive on the dates mentioned below.
Volunteering Solutions Sri Lanka Reviews
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Anne Ladefoged Pedersen

The mahouts were so sweet and fun. It was a pleasure to see that they really cared about elephants and that they liked their job and the volunteers. .

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Floriane Poppe

I felt my efforts get appreciated, the kids were always really happy to see me. So were the teachers..

Sri Lanka - Colombo Program Cost
Volunteering Solutions strives hard to keep costs low and offers one of the most affordable volunteer abroad programs. Compare our prices and services to other organizations and you would be surprised to see the difference.
1 week$365£311$511€355
2 weeks$525£447$735€510
3 weeks$710£604$994€689
4 weeks$895£761$1,253€869
5 weeks$1,080£918$1,512€1,048
6 weeks$1,265£1,076$1,771€1,228
7 weeks$1,450£1,233$2,030€1,407
8 weeks$1,635£1,390$2,289€1,586
Extra week$250£213$350€243
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