Orphanage Volunteer Program in Chiang Mai - Thailand

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer for childcare in Chiang Mai and contribute to the development and welfare of children
  • Responsibilities include taking care of children, teaching them, assisting the local staff and making a congenial atmosphere for the kids
  • At some of the placements, volunteers can also assist in administrative tasks at the child care centers or in their fundraising activities
  • Volunteers who have an interest in teaching and are good with kids should opt for the project 
  • Volunteers can travel around during the weekends. Chiang Mai, which is a part of Northern Thailand, is well known as a lively backpacking destination 


The Orphanage Volunteer Program in Thailand, Chiang Mai is dedicated to the welfare and development of orphanage children in the city. Volunteers joining this project will be placed and working at children’s home placements. The children at these orphanages fall in the age group of 4 to 16 years and are in dire need of love, affection, and care. Volunteering for children in Thailand at these children’s homes is a challenging and satisfying experience at the same time. Many of the children are of ethnic hill tribe descent, which is different than Thai ethnicity. The contribution of volunteers is helpful at two levels. Firstly, they can help with daily tasks at the orphanage which would, in turn, help the staff at the orphanage. Secondly, they can spend time with the children and give them much-needed love and attention, which they are deprived of. Simply spending time with the girls at the center also helps them to a great extent.

The project involves 5 days of work in a week for around 4-5 hrs. This can also vary on a day to day basis. Majority of the volunteers working in this project stay at volunteer house accommodation and work at the children's home. At one of the project placements, volunteers stay within the orphanage itself in the separate volunteer accommodation.

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