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Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand and capital of Chiang Mai province. It is located around 700 kms from Bangkok, amidst lush green mountains. In recent years, Chiang Mai has become an increasingly modern city and attracts approximately one million visitors each year. The city offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities for travelers such as museums, temples, night markets and the numerous restaurants offering Thai cuisine.

Volunteers and Interns working in Chiang Mai have free time during the weekends and get many sightseeing opportunities. You can visit the famous night bazaar, participate in yoga and meditation classes, learn Thai cooking as well as Thai massage. Check the things you can do during your stay in Chiang Mai.
Volunteering Solutions offers a wide variety of volunteer and internship programs in Chiang Mai. You can choose to work with elephants, volunteer at an orphanage, intern at a hospital, teach monks, volunteer as a teacher in a school or intern in the Journalism program.

Affordable Volunteer Programs in Thailand

  • Childcare
    Children's Home Program Chiang Mai - Thailand

    Children's Home Program

    Volunteers working in the Orphanage program work within a Children's home. Children range in age from 4 to 16 years old. Volunteer now & help the children..

  • Wildlife and Conservation
    Elephant Camp Project Chiang Mai - Thailand

    Elephant Camp Project

    Volunteers in this project work at an Elephant Camp located 45 minutes away from the main city of Chiang Mai. The Camp is surrounded by lush green mountains from .....

  • Journalism and Media
    Journalism Internship - Chiang Mai Thailand

    Journalism Internship

    Interns working in this program work alongside Thai staff in different departments in the publishing house.

  • Medical - Healthcare Internship
    Medical Internship Chiang Mai - Thailand

    Medical Internship Chiang Mai

    Thailand has become a medical center for much of Asia and westerners travel half-way across the world to receive expert, inexpensive medical care.

  • Teaching
    Teaching English Program Chiang Mai - Thailand

    Teaching English Program

    In this project, your daily commute will carry you through some of central Chiang Mai’s most authentic neighborhoods. All of the involved schools are in the city center..

  • Teaching
    Teaching Monks Program Chiang Mai - Thailand

    Teaching Monks Program

    Volunteers joining this program teach novice Buddhist monks, ranging in age from 12-18, at five different monastery schools in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai......

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