Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Abroad Projects

Participate in Wildlife Conservation volunteer abroad projects, protecting the environment and help animals across different locations in the world. If you are an animal lover, head to Thailand or Sri Lanka to work for Elephants or do your bit for marine life at the Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica and Sri Lanka. Furthermore, people who have a penchant for living in the countryside and want to do their bit for the dwindling forest cover can work in the rainforests of Malaysia, Ecuador, Australia amongst others. 

Responsibilities at the Environment and Conservation Volunteering Projects include: 

  • Work on projects in that focus on rainforests, oceans, mountains, marine life, wildlife, and savannahs
  • Work on projects that aim conservation of turtles, coral reefs, elephants, Sun Bears, Orangutans, Penguins, and other such endangered wildlife  
  • Support and work with conservationists and environmentalists 
  • Work with local communities who live in the regions, and conserve the environment through indigenous methods
  • Take a step, your individual effort, towards a more sustainable world 
"I Love working with the elephants. The elephants are amazing and Jin, the supervisor is best. My highlight from the trip was to meet Thai people, they are so loving and warm-hearted. I really liked the accommodation they are simple but nice. Meals are amazing, vegetarian options are delicious. Our coordinator was very helpful and he knows a lot about elephants. I would surely recommend Elephant program as it has been the most amazing experience of my life." ADELINA ZENDEJAS (Mexico) Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wildlife and Conservation Volunteer Abroad Project

Borneo Wildlife Safari & Volunteering Experience

Borneo Wildlife Volunteering Experience

A perfect program for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. It'll be an opportunity for you to get closer to nature, and observe the little things that...

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Childcare & Elephant Volunteer Experience

Childcare & Elephant Volunteer Experience

Be a part of Childcare & Elephant Volunteering Experience in India, teach street kids in Delhi, work with elephants in Agra, and city tour of Jaipur.

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Conservation Program

Conservation Program

Under the conservation program, volunteers work in the Valencia region for protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. It is a great opportunity to...

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Conservation Volunteer Program Australia

Conservation Volunteering

All nature lovers this is the program to watch out for. Tread through amazing and scenic destinations of Australia and help out in conservation...

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Conservation Volunteering Program in New Zealand

Conservation Volunteering

Join the Conservation Volunteering in New Zealand & work for making a difference towards the environment. Live amidst nature, share your hands in...

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Elephant and Community Volunteer Project

Elephant & Community Project

Volunteers working in this program will work in Kegalle taking care of abandoned elephants as well as getting involved in other community projects...

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Elephants 2 Beaches Volunteer & Travel Thailand

Thailand - Elephants 2 Beaches

Volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 2 weeks, assist the mahout in taking care of the elephants and rejuvenate in Thai...

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Family Volunteer Adventure in Malaysia

Family Volunteer Adventure

What can be better than experiencing a volunteer vacation with your family while spending a week amidst the wilderness of the Sabah region in...

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Great Ocean Road Conservation Experience Australia

Great Ocean Road Conservation Experience

Set out for the Great Ocean Road Conservation Volunteering Experience and enjoy the Australian vibes with some amazing peers.

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Hippotherapy Volunteer Program in Argentina

Hippotherapy Volunteer Program

Hippotherapy literally means "treatment with the help of the horse" from the Greek word, "hippos" meaning horse. Specially trained physical and...

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Marine and Coast Conservation Volunteer Program in Spain

Marine Conservation Program

Participate in Marine Conservation Volunteering in Spain to take up conservation activities such as monitoring, reforestation and observing marine...

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Marine Conservation Volunteering Program in Portugal

Marine Conservation

As a part of the Marine Conservation Program, you will have the opportunity to join a variety of conservation efforts focused on the protection of...

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Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Turtle Conservation

Join sea turtle conservation program in Sri Lanka with Volsol and contribute meaningfully towards the wellbeing of the Sea Turtles and play an...

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Sun Bear Conservation Volunteering Project, Malaysia

Sun Bear Conservation Project

As a volunteer for this program, you will need to take care of the smallest bears in the world, working to clean their dens and creating...

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Volunteer for the Penguin and Marine Bird Rescue Center

Penguin Rescue Program

If you have the urge to work with animals & care to protect the penguins in South Africa, then Volunteering Solutions has the perfect program for You.

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Volunteer in Amazon Animal Rescue Center

Amazon Animal Rescue Center Project

Volunteers in this project work at an animal rescue center in Amazon region and help in taking care of animals as well as a variety of other tasks

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Volunteer in Costa Rica At Wildlife & Rescue Center

Wildlife & Rescue Center Volunteering

Take up Volunteer work for conserving the wildlife in Costa Rica, explore the rich biodiversity of the country and explore its eco-reserves, work...

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Volunteer in Costa Rica with Turtles

Turtle Conservation Program

Join the exciting Sea Turtle Conservation volunteer program in Costa Rica, work with turtles to help conserve their habitat and their receding...

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Volunteer Marine Conservation Program in Bali

Marine & Coral Reef Conservation Program

Volunteer for Marine Conservation, and do your bit for the rising pollution hampering marine life in the oceans, develop skills of locals and...

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Volunteer With Elephants in Surin Thailand

Volunteer at an Elephant Village

Thailand elephant volunteering program in Surin is a unique opportunity, not only to get up close and personal with them but to live in a genuine...

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Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand - Chiang Mai

Elephant Camp Project

Volunteer with elephants in Chiang Mai province, work with mahouts, collect elephant feed from the forest, help in making their vitamins, take...

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Wildlife Volunteer Projects in South Africa

Wildlife Reserve Volunteer Program

Be a part of wildlife volunteer program in South Africa, located in Port Elizabeth, get an opportunity to ethically experience African wildlife...

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