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Intern Abroad with Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions provides Intern Abroad Programs in various fields across different destinations worldwide. We promise to deliver best value Internships Abroad and most professionally delivered internship experience for you. 
By taking part in an Intern Abroad Program, you gain valuable experience and knowledge while you work abroad in your choice of destination. Our intern programs include, Medical Internships, Dental Electives, Physiotherapy Internship, Veterinary Internship, Journalism Internship and more.

Why Intern Abroad ? 

Doing an International Internship has its own advantages.Doing an international internship will not only give you valuable international exposure but also be a big boost to your CV. Interns get to do different varied tasks depending on the roles assigned to them in the internship. Some of the biggest advantages of doing an international internship are -

- Gain International Exposure
- Meet new people and explore a new destination
- Add value to your Resume
- Improve your communication and team work skills

Medical and Dental Internships Abroad

Interning in a Medicine and Healthcare project abroad would provide valuable foundation and support for a future career in the field of General medicine, nursing, dentistry and physiotherapy.

We offer medical internship placements catering to students from different backgrounds and fields.

Medical Interns in Thailand program work in the city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand and intern at one of the biggest hospitals in the city thereby gaining valuable skills.

Dental Interns in India and Peru work in dental clinics working with dentists and gaining practical experience in the field of dentistry. Interns shadow dentists as well as perform hands on tasks depending on the skill level.