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Frequently asked questions

What does Volunteering Solutions do ?

Volunteering Solutions offers Volunteer Abroad and Intern Abroad placements in Asia, Africa , Latin and Central America, Europe and Middle East.We also offer Summer Special Programs as well as 2 Week Special Volunteer and Travel options for our volunteers.We work with local NGOs or organizations at grassroot levels to provide volunteer and internship placements in different countries.

Which countries can I go to ?

We offer programs across different locations in Asia, Africa, Latin and Central America , Europe and Australia. Programs are available in Ghana,Kenya,Tanzania,Morocco,Uganda,South Africa,India,Nepal,China,Thailand,Sri Lanka,Vietnam,Cambodia,Philippines,Peru,Costa Rica,Ecuador, Spain and Australia.

What types of programs are available ?

We offer volunteer abroad, intern abroad as well as summer special volunteer programs and 2 week specials.Volunteers can choose to get involved in Childcare, Teaching, Community Development, Disabled care, Women Empowerment, Medical and Healthcare programs, Journalism Internships, Dental Electives, Wildlife and Animal Care and Sports Coaching.

Why should I pay to volunteer ?

Most people are surprised to hear that they would have to pay to volunteer abroad. What they often do not realize is that there are significant administrative costs involved to arrange for a worthwhile volunteer abroad placement. Volunteering Solutions is not supported by any government funding and runs its programs entirely from the fee that volunteers pay to take part in the volunteer programs. Volunteering abroad, involves incurring of many costs such as food, accommodation, transportation, transfers, project selection etc. The program fee charged by us, goes into providing you all these services. The money that you pay to us is distributed at various stages to provide you a meaningful volunteer abroad experience.

What is the application process ?

All volunteers need to apply online to book their volunteer placement. The placements are given on an individual basis depending on the information given in your application and the project choice. Volunteering Solutions would also require an applicant to email his / her CV, Photo as well as any other supporting documents as required. We usually confirm your placement information within 10 working days time. After the placement is confirmed, volunteers can check the project info by logging into their My Account. The final program fee payment can be made after the booking has been confirmed. 

When should I apply ?

There is no deadline for registering for your program. However, we advice all volunteers to book their program when they decide on the choice of program location and date. We have volunteers booking their programs even one year in advance. So, it is a good idea to book the program as early as possible and reserve your spot.We also allow volunteers to change their program dates once they notify us about it, 30 days prior to the starting of the particular program.

What are the costs involved ?

Please see the Program Costs page to check the cost of the program. Volunteering Solutions strives hard to keep costs low and offers one of the most affordable volunteer abroad programs. You can compare our prices and services to other organizations and you would be surprised to see the difference.  

Can I volunteer with a friend or a partner ?

Yes. We will ensure that you will be placed along with your friend or partner in the same project and also stay in the same accommodation. Volunteers need to inform us in advance and mention the requirement in the application form. 

Are families allowed to volunteer together ?

Yes, families are welcome to join our volunteer programs. We can arrange a customized volunteer placement for the family members. Certain locations are more recommended for family volunteering. Please contact us for more info on the programs and the recommended destinations for family volunteering.

Will I need vaccinations ?

This depends on the country you are going to. We recommend you to consult your doctor for advice on immunizations. Check this detailed infographic about recommended vaccinations while volunteering overseas.

Are there any educational or language requirements to join the programs ?

Apart from the Medical and healthcare programs, all programs have a general requirement of knowledge of English. To volunteer in certain projects in South America, volunteers are recommended to have basic knowledge of Spanish language as well. Those volunteers who do not have any Spanish language can also participate in certain programs and learn the language while in country by making use of the Spanish lessons available at affordable costs.

Do I need to be an American or Canadian citizen to join the programs ?

No. We accept volunteers from all over the world. Majority of our volunteers are from European countries, Australia, USA, Canada as well as a few from Asian and Middle East.

What are the age requirements ?

The minimum age requirement for individual participants for most of our programs is 17 years old. Some programs also have a minimum age requirement of 18 years. We suggest you to visit the specific program destination page to check the minimum age requirement. However, volunteers below 17 years old and children can join the program if they are volunteering as a part of a group ( with adult members).We welcome Families to join our programs. The maximum age limit to join the programs is 60 years.

Where do I stay during the program ?

This depends on the project you chose. In most of the projects volunteers stay in volunteer house or host family accommodations. In certain projects, volunteers also stay in accommodations in the project itself.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid ?

No, we do not have the funding to offer any scholarships or financial aid. We offer one of the most affordable volunteer programs and strive hard to keep our costs low whereby you can get the best low cost volunteering experience.

You can fundraise for the project you will work in and Volunteering Solutions will be happy to provide with any documents or letters which you will require for the fundraising efforts.

Can I volunteer in more than one program location ?

Yes, you can volunteer in multiple programs in different countries. Volunteering Solutions staff can offer you great combo packages as well where we will offer you a discount on the program fee if you choose to volunteer in multiple countries.If you choose to volunteer in different cities within the same country you do not need to pay a separate application fee for each program. If you decide to volunteer in separate programs in multiple countries, you will need to fill separate applications.

Would I have free time for sightseeing or in country travel ?

Yes, you will have the weekends free and you can do sightseeing as well as explore the most popular places of tourist interest in the country where you will be volunteering. Our local coordinators are always available to arrange any local trips. On the weekdays, volunteers and interns are free during the evenings.

Can I talk to past volunteers or interns ?

Please visit, the Volunteer Testimonials page and  Videos Page to see volunteer reviews and feedbacks. You can also contact us and tell us your choice of program destination. We can give you a list of past volunteer references as well if you want to get in touch with them.

Do I need travel insurance ?

Yes - travel insurance is compulsory for  volunteers. For your convenience we have arranged a comprehensive package specially designed for volunteering. It includes medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation,local ambulance expenses and trip interruption. To view details of the Volunteering Solutions Insurance Policy, click here.

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