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Top 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Ready to Explore the Top 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites While Volunteering Abroad?

To quote what the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has to say about the World Heritage Sites – “UNESCO seeks to encourage the identification, protection, and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. What makes the concept of

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volunteer in Africa

Top 6 Volunteering Destinations in Africa for 2018

Africa has always been an intriguing travel destination with a variety of experiences to offer to the travelers. Globally popular for being a great adventure destination, Africa is emerging as one of the highly chosen volunteering destinations in the world as well. A number of gap year students travel to

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facts about children

Universal Children’s Day: 10 Facts To Show Why It’s Important

Every day we see so many children around us – the ones at our homes, who are endowed with the privileges that we provide them;  and those in the neighborhood, who are more or less equal to that of our own. Then there are those – the kids of our

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volunteering experience

Experiences Shared By 5 Incredible Volunteers Who Traveled Abroad To Serve The Society

Time and again, our volunteers keep sharing their experiences with us through feedbacks and reviews. While each of them has different stories, for us, it’s the love and dedication with which they join our programs with the hope to add some happiness to the lives of others. Here are the

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Pre-Med Volunteer Project Abroad

11 Recommended Pre-Med Volunteering Programs Abroad For 2018

If you are a pre-med student wondering how to gain first-hand work experience, then we have the perfect medical volunteering programs to offer you. Volunteering Solutions provides the best and affordable projects in 11 countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Peru and Costa

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Are You Looking For An Alternative Spring Break Volunteering Program For 2018?

To put it in the words of Leo Tolstoy, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Winter is almost here, and Spring isn’t far behind. You might be stuck with thoughts about what to do during those 2 weeks of your break! Just imagine how wonderful it can be

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Top 10 Affordable Volunteering Destinations To Explore In 2018

The year 2017 is inching towards its last quarter and many of you travelers, backpackers, gap year travelers, etc. must be getting ready to design your next years’ travel itinerary. Volunteering abroad is one of the most useful and meaningful ways to travel abroad, and it only makes sense to

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Volunteer Abroad For Free

How to Volunteer Abroad For Free | Volunteering Solutions

The concept of traveling has changed manifold in the recent years and with every passing day, more and more millennials are taking volunteer trips abroad, in order to add some values to their travel experiences. Volunteering abroad is the best opportunity to share one’s knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm while exploring

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