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10Apr 2019

How To Make The Most Of A Childcare Volunteering Program?

Don’t you wish you had a chance to re-live your childhood? Well, then there is something you’d certainly not want to miss reading. Childcare volunteering program is a project dedicated to the welfare and development of underserved children. Volunteering Solutions offer some really meaningful, safe and affordable volunteer opportunities under this project; in different parts of […]

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2Apr 2019

A Journey Of Happiness: Volunteering Experience In Kenya

March 3, 2019: I have seen several photographs of this place before, but as I stood outside the gate of Makimei Children’s Home, it felt like Déjà vu. “Have I been here earlier? Do I know these kids? Will I be able to do anything good for them?” – I kept asking myself these questions […]

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31Mar 2019

Top Volunteer Destinations in Africa | VolSol Blogs

The year 2019 is midway around and to make way for a fresh season of travelling, exploring, and volunteering. Considering the fact that most of you must have already started working on your bucket list for your winter breaks, we will be nothing but extremely surprised if you are not considering any African destination; especially, […]

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27Mar 2019

How To Plan For A Gap Year Abroad In 2019

Spending a gap year abroad is a great way to prepare for upcoming university studies or life changes. A gap year can be whatever you want it to be, whether you want to spend a year exploring the corners of the globe or volunteering in a new country, you can take so many different opportunities […]

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19Mar 2019

Best Gap Year Volunteer Programs in 2019

A gap year may be a time to challenge yourself, understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses, meet folks you’d ne’er meet unremarkably and do most things you’ve thought of for your bucket list. VolSol helps you understand this dream in a very hassle-free approach and takes care of everything – project placements, travel, […]

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18Mar 2019

Top Things To Do in Argentina While Volunteering

One among the world’s most scenic drives, the most beautiful bookshop in the world – there are countless reasons for a person to pack their bags and head straight to Argentina. A huge South American country with no shortage of adventurous travel opportunities. From glacier excursions to breathtaking natural wonders — the things to do […]

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25Feb 2019

Reasons To Choose Volunteering Abroad For Budget Traveling

If someone says they don’t consider budget when planning a trip abroad, they are lying; or maybe you’re talking to Bill Gates! The fact is, while planning an expedition abroad, the cost of the entire trip is one of the foremost factors that come into consideration. One of the most cost-effective and meaningful ways of […]

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