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Why It’s Worth Volunteering Abroad in Your Gap Year

Volunteering abroad is a great way to see the world, meet new people, and make a difference in the lives of others. It’s also a great way to take a break from your everyday life and learn new skills, so […]

  • 3 Sep 2022

Why You Should Consider a Medical Internship Abroad

An internship overseas used to be viewed as a luxury that was only accessible to those with the time and resources to afford it. But now, any medical student can have an international internship because of grants and scholarships from […]

  • 3 Sep 2022

This Is Why You Should Volunteer in Bali

Volunteering in Bali is a fantastic experience where you can immerse yourself in the Balinese, soak in the clear waters, and feel like you’re living the dream. Volunteer vacations are the newest craze and a wonderful way to travel while […]

  • 27 Aug 2022

The Incredible Benefits of Volunteer Sports Teaching Abroad

Volunteer teaching or coaching is a great way to get fit and give back to your community. You can use your knowledge and passion for fitness to help others reach their fitness goals. In addition to getting fit yourself, you […]

  • 27 Aug 2022

Top Reasons Why You Should Intern in Australia Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part article. If you have not read the first part, check it out first. Now that you are more familiar with some of the most common reasons why you should intern in Australia, […]

  • 20 Aug 2022

Top Reasons Why You Should Intern in Australia – Part 1

This is the first in a two-part article. Check out the second part after reading the first part below. Have you been seeking a place to conduct your internship? Well, what better place than Australia? For some, Australia may not […]

  • 20 Aug 2022

5 Great Wildlife Conservation Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering to take care of all kinds of wildlife and help out with conservation is a great way to help them while also having fun and observing unique creatures. Animals in shelters or in the wild need help with conservation […]

  • 15 Aug 2022