Teen & High School Volunteer Programs Abroad
Teen & High School Volunteer Programs Abroad

Teen & High School Volunteer Programs Abroad

Volunteering Solutions has a wide range of incredible & affordable teen and high school volunteer abroad programs for those who are keen to travel abroad and make a difference while learning through their experiences. In this 21st Century, classroom education & coursework are just not enough, and we know that millennials are enthusiastic enough to try their hands at different things. 

Volunteering as a teenager offers an educational, mind-opening, and enriching travel experience. Mission volunteer programs for high school students are available in different countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and South America. Each of these programs is curated by our team of experts, who have designed them in a way that both the giver and the receiver can get the best out of this entire endeavor.

Best Teen & High School Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

What are the best and most affordable volunteer opportunities for high school students?

High school students have the chance to be a part of various programs, including Childcare, Teaching English, Summer Volunteer Travel, Wildlife Conservation, and Animal Care, among others. Volunteering Solutions has hosted thousands of volunteers over the past 16 years, to transform this volunteer adventure into a learning journey that aids students in shaping their future.

Starting at 275 USD only, our high school volunteer programs offer meaningful experiences, that are available year-round, spanning from 1 week to 24 weeks in duration.

Childcare Volunteering Programs: Teens and high school students can opt for Childcare Programs in countries like India, Nepal, Thailand, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, and Peru. Being a volunteer, you’ll have to spend quality time with kids, teach them and play with them. You can also raise funds to buy essentials like books, notebooks, crayons, etc., as well as help the staff in administrative work, as and when required.

Teaching Volunteering Programs: These programs are perfect for high school students looking forward to gaining valuable hands-on experience while empowering students across the world. From teaching English abroad to assisting in local schools, our volunteering opportunities offer a rewarding journey for participants, who wish to make a difference through their active contribution. And the best part is that you don't need TEFL certification to join these teaching programs. 

1-Week Special Voluntours: We know that teens and high school students are always excited about exploring new locations, hence we’ve curated some amazing voluntours for you to embark on an epic adventure! These 1-week special volunteer trips will let you contribute towards a project of your choice, in your chosen destination - and also, we’ll take you around the best places, so that you can tick things off your travel bucketlist.

Short-Term Volunteer Trips: For those who have 2 weeks, can join these Short-Term Volunteering Programs, which also offer the best of volunteer and travel experience. From hopping around the beaches of Galle in Sri Lanka and volunteering for Turtle Conservation to experiencing the thrill of wildlife safaris and volunteering for the Teaching Program in Nairobi - we have the best for you!

Community Development Programs: Those who are keen to join the community development programs, can take up any of the following activities - teach an English class, help out in a childcare center, take art and painting sessions for students, help with the renovation of a school building, be a part of a disease awareness campaign, assist in administrative tasks amongst other such activities. These are perfect for high school volunteering abroad as a teen, and we offer 24*7 in-country support so that you can work safely and have an enriching experience.

To know more about High School Volunteering Abroad, check out this Comprehensive Guidebook.

What are the requirements to be a High School Volunteer Abroad?

  • You must be at least 17 years old when joining the project.
  • You should have an open mind and a flexible attitude towards working in a new environment.
  • You need to be open-minded, flexible, proactive, and enthusiastic to work with young adults.
  • You must submit a clean criminal background check report before joining the program.

What do our past volunteers say?

“Me and 2 of my friends went to Costa Rica for 1 week and we absolutely loved it! We lived with a great host family that was very funny and very nice to us, not to mention the food was amazing. Personally, I would recommend this trip to everyone but I feel like if you go with a friend or two it makes things much better. Overall great experience!” - Jasjap, High School Volunteer in Costa Rica


“My experience in Arusha has been awesome. I have enjoyed a lot with all the volunteers, staff, and local people. I will always recommend this healthcare program. Also, the extra activities during the weekend were amazing, and the location was very good. The work at the hospital was wonderful because we could learn a lot and also do many kinds of different things. In Arusha, I met a lot of people and also made some incredible plans: with some friends, we did a Spanish omelet at a local Tanzanite home! Everything has been perfect. I wish I could come back because it has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my whole life.” - Christina, High School Medical Volunteer in Tanzania


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