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Volunteering Solutions was conceptualized in 2006 and started sending it’s first volunteer abroad in early 2007. The aim behind setting up this organization was to provide highly affordable ,quality and safe program to the volunteers. http://www.volunteeringsolutions.com is owned and managed by Volunteering Travel Solutions Private Limited (VTSPL) a registered company in India with registration number – 191429. Since 2007 we have grown from year on year and have sent over 7000 volunteers abroad since we started. 2009 saw a big increase in numbers and since then we have been sending more and more volunteers every year. 
Volunteering Solutions is now a member of WYSE (World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation) WYSE Travel Confederation is a global not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting and developing opportunities for the youth, student and educational travel industry. 

Volunteering Solutions is a member of WYSE Work AbroadAs the world's most powerful network of youth and student travel professionals, connecting key industry players with decision makers and government officials is what we do best. Trusted members of WYSE Travel Confederation are recognized in their market as leaders in youth, backpacking, educational and student travel. Their activities are consistent with our strict codes of conduct. 
With home offices in New Delhi, India, Volunteering Solutions can offer great services at affordable prices to our volunteers as we operate in a highly professional and methodical manner and overhead charges are kept very low. The advantages are passed on to the volunteers. Hence the cost of participating in our various projects is the best on offer and most affordable. Most volunteer organizations are based in USA, UK and some even in New Zealand. As living, working and administrative costs are very high in these countries, often these companies cannot offer affordable costs to volunteers. Since India is a growing and developing nation, costs are low, so we are able to provide you such affordable costs. We are proud to be the first organization of its kind working across the world based out of India. We are also happy to work with few international volunteer organizations based in USA and UK to provide placements and support to their volunteers in India and Nepal. 
Each year we send hundreds of volunteers abroad to volunteer at schools, hospitals, orphanages, HIV/AIDS clinics, women's groups, and other organizations who ask us for assistance. We aim to work closely with local communities, which in turn benefits all. The volunteers can experience and take part in life changing volunteer abroad programs where the local staff and communities benefit from the volunteers as well as the financial assistance provided to them by means of supporting host families and local projects. Our volunteers get opportunities to have in -country travel and have the real feel of a new culture by having a home stay with local families. 
VS receives most of its volunteers from the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, from all walks of life, and range in age from high school to retirees. Most programs do not require special skills or experience, just an open mind and a desire to reach out to those in need in non-western countries. We also send many student groups abroad each year to help out on various projects.