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Volunteer Abroad Programs and Internships Abroad

Volunteering Solutions (VolSol) has been providing high quality, reliable, safe and affordable international volunteer abroad programs for over 7 years across 21 countries, in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. We strive hard to bring you the best volunteer programs abroad and have sent over 7800 volunteers abroad on volunteering and internship programs.

During 2014 -  2015 we offer a vast variety of Volunteering Overseas, Intern Abroad, Summer Volunteer Programs. Group Volunteer Programs and 2 Week Special Programs options for participants to choose from, which are suitable to the needs of high school students, college and university students on a gap year or mission trip, families looking to help out together or individuals looking to do a short term volunteer placement while traveling overseas. During 2014 VS would be adding new destinations to its list Morocco, Brazil, Argentina and more.

At VolSol we are committed to provide you with affordable and truly amazing volunteering, student internships, summer volunteer & travel projects abroad . 

Summer Volunteer Programs Overseas for 2014

We bring you the best summer volunteer travel programs, where we have carefully designed programs which allow you to volunteer with children, teach English during the weekdays and go for a guided tour on the weekends and explore the country you are traveling to on your free time.

Volunteer Abroad with Family, Friends or as a Group

We understand that you would like to bring your family, friends or bunch of college or university groups to volunteer abroad. We have many destinations where we can cater to such groups and families. We can customise an itinerary for the group and also make sure you stay and work together as a family while on a trip abroad. Over the past years we have hosted many groups from colleges and universities from UK, USA, Australia, Canada and more. We also have volunteer programs for under 18's available in many destinations, where 16 and 17 year olds can participate.

Past Volunteering Solutions Volunteers Reviews and Testimonials

You can always read past volunteer reviews and testimonials or go to our Facebook Page for interacting with past volunteers and taking recommendations from them. More and more past volunteers highly recommend Volunteering Solutions to their friends and family after having a great time in our programs.