Voluntario en Uganda
Voluntario en Uganda

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Ofrézcase como voluntario en Uganda con Volunteering Solutions de 1 a 18 semanas en una amplia gama de programas de voluntariado que incluyen cuidado de niños, enseñanza de inglés, desarrollo comunitario y medicina y atención médica. Los programas están ubicados en y alrededor de la ciudad capital, Kampala.



Uganda - Quick Facts

Fechas de inicio : Todo el año

Duration : 2-18 Weeks

Ubicación del programa : Mukono Region

Edad mínima : 17 years+

Certificado : Ofrecido después de la finalización del programa


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Moneda utilizada : Ugandan Shilling

Language : English, Swahili

Viaja los fines de semana a: Lake Victoria, Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

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Volunteer in Uganda

Sea voluntario en Uganda con Volunteering Solutions y únase a una variedad de programas asequibles de voluntariado en el extranjero que incluyen enseñanza de inglés, cuidado infantil, construcción y desarrollo comunitario. Los estudiantes de medicina y pre-medicina también pueden unirse al Programa de Voluntariado Médico y trabajar con médicos en centros de salud rurales. El trabajo voluntario en Uganda se desarrolla alrededor de la región de Mukono. Si tiene poco tiempo, puede unirse a nuestros programas de viajes de voluntariado a corto plazo y experimentar las mejores oportunidades de voluntariado en Uganda. VolSol es una de las mejores organizaciones de voluntariado en Uganda y cuenta con la confianza de miles de voluntarios durante los últimos 17 años.


  • Programas basados en la región de Mukono y sus alrededores, aproximadamente a 1 hora de Kampala
  • Oportunidades significativas de voluntariado durante todo el año de 2 a 18 semanas
  • Proyectos de voluntariado de bajo coste que incluyen comidas y alojamiento.
  • Increíbles tours complementarios de fin de semana y opciones de safari disponibles
  • Sea voluntario en proyectos de base para presenciar el modo de vida rural africano.

Las mejores oportunidades de voluntariado en Uganda

Glendon - Volunteer in Medical Program in Uganda
"It was a great program thank you very much for the wonderful placement. The project coordinator in Uganda does a fantastic job. I would definitely recommend the program. My volunteer experience has been wonderful I had a lot of fun and a really great time.. The Hospital was great very good experience something I wouldn't have gotten back home and I am looking forward to coming back as soon as I can I say that from the bottom of my heart. "

Glendon - Volunteer in Medical Program in Uganda View

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Weekend Travel Options

With uncountable places to explore, from the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and gorgeous Lake Victoria, Uganda never fails to amaze the travelers who are keen on discovering the least traveled roads in the world. For the nature lovers, Uganda will be a treat. Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are the two places where one can surely find the mountain gorillas – and there are special treks organized for the animal lovers. You can also take a trip to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Make your travel bucket list and discuss your weekend plans with the country coordinator, as they'll be the best people to guide you.

Go for the Gorilla Trek - gorilla trekThe best plan for the weekend would be to head off to Bwindi National Park for the adventurous Gorilla Trek!   Bwindi National Park is often termed as ‘an impenetrable forest’ due to its thickness and the steep rough paths that often make it an adventurous walk. The number of mountain gorillas is decreasing by the day, and before this species get extinct, why not spot them amidst the wilderness!

Weekend city tour of Kampala - Visit the Kasubi Tombs which are also considered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are interested in cooking lessons for traditional Ugandan meals, traditional dance classes, etc, then you must visit the Ndere Centre, which is the cultural hub in Kampala. Take a tour of the Ugandan Museum to know more about the country’s past. Apart from these, you can also visit the Bulang (the Parliament of Uganda), the Gaddafi Mosque (built by the Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi), the Baha’i Temple and much more.?

Spot the chimpanzees at the Kibale National Park - Adventures in Africa will never cease - you can hop from one National Park to another and keep meeting the primates, as well as other animals.  The Kibale National Park forms a continuous forest with the Queen Elizabeth National Park, having one of the most unique wildlife corridors in the world.

Get your photos clicked at the Equator Point - uganda-equatorThe imaginary line that divides the Earth into two hemispheres apparently passes through Uganda, and it’s one of the most popular tourist spots! Everyone visiting Kampala goes to Kayabwe in Mpigi District to get their photos clicked at the Equator Point.

If you have anything else in your bucket list or planning to go & explore any of the above-mentioned places, you can simply get in touch with our Travel Experts, who can guide you better in planning your weekend tours. Drop us a mail at mentioning your choice of weekend adventures, and we shall cater your needs.

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