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Meet a Volunteer - Read interviews and reviews from past volunteers

Learn more about VS volunteers. We have more than 11000 volunteer alumni from all across the world who have taken part in our different programs. Read volunteer stories - Why they chose to volunteer with Volunteering Solutions,how the experience has changed their outlook in life and their future plans.

Given below are links to some of the interviews of Volunteering Solutions program participants from around the world.
  Learn more about VS volunteers. We have more than 11000 volunteer alumni from all across the world who have taken part in our different programs. Read volunteer stories - Why they chose to volunteer with Volunteering Solutions,how the experience has changed their outlook in life and their future plans.

Given below are links to some of the interviews of Volunteering Solutions program participants from around the world.
Volunteers Reviews
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Meet Tanusya Murali, Volunteer in Cambodia
Tanusya Murali

The experience has definitely impacted my future. I went there to make a difference in their life but what happened was that they made a difference to mine. This experience has made me realize a lot of important things in our daily life that we fail to see

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Meet Debbie M. Volunteer in Thailand
Debbie Vasquez

As an educator I have my summer’s off and for the past 3-4 summers I spent most of it volunteering as a kayak guide and youth instructor for a non-profit which provided outdoor adventures for person’s with disabilities and youth who are at-risk.

Delhi, India
Lucia Merino, Volunteer in India
Lucia Merino

Lucia Merino is originally from Barcelona, Spain. She is a graduate of the School of Social Work at UNC-Chapel Hill, NC. She works as a psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. She is married to a French man and enjoys learning from other cultures,religions, and ways of life.

Delhi, India
Jenaya Smith-Volunteer in India
Jenaya Smith

Jenaya Smith is from United Kingdom and volunteered with Volunteering Solutions in the Women Empowerment Program in Delhi, India in Summer 2012 along with her friend. She is looking forward to do another volunteer program with Volunteering Solutions soon.

Tamale, Ghana
Irene - Volunteer in Ghana
Irene Dolan

I always wanted to go to Africa. I felt that Ghana was different. I always heard of people going to Uganda, Tanzania etc, but not Ghana. I researched the place and saw that the crime rates were very low, the people were very friendly, there was a school and orphanage and there were nice places to go

Tamale, Ghana
Hayder - Volunteer in Ghana
Hayder Jiggy

Ghana offers a true exchanging of experiences. It seemed like we had a lot to learn as well as to give, which one one of my goals and purposes of the experience.

Delhi, India
Jacob Custer-Volunteer in Kenya
Jacob Custer

Jacob Custer is from Washington, DC and currently recruits quality teachers for a network of schools working to close the achievement gap that exists among races in the United States.

Tamale, Ghana
 Jill Torrance, Volunteer in Ghana
Jill Torrance

Jill Watt Torrance is a 60 year old lady living in Hawaii, where she has been for 23 years. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland and grew up in the Highlands before attending college in Edinburgh. For many years she was a soft sculpture and interior designer in her native country and also the USA.

Delhi, India
Lisa Drese-Volunteer in India
Lisa Drese

Lisa Drese is an 18 year student from Germany who likes traveling and watching Indian movies. Lisa volunteered for three months in the Women Empowerment Volunteer Project in Delhi, India.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Kirstin Wingler-Volunteer in Nepal
Kirstin Wingler

Kirstin Wingler is a nutritionist (PhD) with versatile experience and expertise in biomedical research, drug development and teaching of medical students. Kirstin volunteered for a period of three weeks in the Medical Internship program in Kathmandu, Nepal with Volunteering Solutions.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Sonam - Volunteer in Cambodia
Sonam Sadhnani

Sonam Sadhnani is a resident of Singapore and works as a Management Support Officer in Ministry of Education, Singapore. In July 2013, Sonam volunteered for 2 weeks in the Orphanage Volunteer Program in Cambodia with Volunteering Solutions.

Arusha, Tanzania
Claire - Volunteer in Tanzania
Claire Moynihan

Claire Moynihan is from Cobh, County Cork in Ireland. She currently works as a primary school teacher in Dubai where she has lived for the past 2 years. She enjoys most outdoor activities including running, playing football and swimming and she is part of a Ladies gaelic football team in Dubai.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sharon - Peru, South Africa
Sharon Umayam

Sharon Umayam is from Dededo, Guam and currently works as a registered nurse in San Francisco, CA. Sharon volunteered with Volunteering Solutions in Peru on August of 2009, in Thailand in February 2012 and in Cape Town, South Africa in Feb 2013.

Cape Town, South Africa
Caroline Poell - South Africa
Caroline Poell

Caroline Poell is 23 years old from Germany. She graduated from the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Karlsruhe with a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Business Administration (Banking and Finance).

Surin, Thailand
Lauren-Volunteer in Thailand
Lauren Kenny

Meet Lauren Kenny from Christchurch, New Zealand. Lauren works as a Customer Service Representative and volunteered in the 2 Weeks Special program in Surin, Thailand with Volunteering Solutions.

Cape Town, South Africa
Lisa - Volunteer in Cape Town
Lisa Kohlmann

Lisa is a native of Germany and volunteered in the Childcare and Social Welfare Volunteer Project in Cape Town, South Africa with Volunteering Solutions in Oct- Nov 2013. In her interview she talks about her experience of the program

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Anna Bishop-Volunteer in Thailand
Anna Bishop

Anna Bishop is a native of Mississippi, USA and loves to travel as well as volunteer. She is a nurse by profession and has volunteered in different projects in USA itself. Anna volunteered in the Elephant Camp Volunteer Project outside Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand in October 2012.

Surin, Thailand
Devon - Volunteer in Thailand
Devon Adlawan

Devon Adlawan is a Pre Nursing major and a resident of California, USA and took part in the Thailand Summer Volunteer and Adventure Program in July 2013.In her interview, Devon shares her experience of volunteering in Thailand with Volunteering Solutions.

Surin, Thailand
Naomi Daniel in Thailand
Naomi Daniel

Thailand has always appealed to me as an exotic location to visit. I decided to put my English degree to good use, and teach as well as having the experience of exploring a stunning country.

Tamale, Ghana
Francis - Volunteer in Ghana
Francis A

Volunteering was a way for me to travel and get the full experience of a culture different from my own. It allowed me to do something I already enjoy, promote education and teach in a community that lacks the resources to sustain a basic educational structure.

Tamale, Ghana
Assumpta-Volunteer in Ghana
Assumpta Fasanella

Assumpta Fasanella is from Barcelona, Spain. She's 22 years old and currently studies Medicine. She likes traveling and learning about other cultures, she enjoys sports and she loves spending time with children.

Tamale, Ghana
Sean Lee - Volunteer in Ghana
Sean Lee

Sean Lee, a rising 18 year old senior, is a Korean national who lives in Japan. He attends the Tilton School, a secondary prep school in Tilton, New Hampshire and has volunteered in Ghana twice through Volunteering Solutions.

Tamale, Ghana
Valerie-Volunteer in Ghana
Valerie Wheatley

Valerie Ross is a 27 year old teacher currently residing in Virginia, USA. She attended school at the University of West Florida, where she studied psychology, child welfare, and education. She enjoys traveling, basketball, staying active, and spending time with her husband and her family.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Veronica - Volunteer in Nepal
Veronica Moffitt

Veronica Moffitt is from New Jersey, USA, where she received an Associates Degree in Business Management. She's 22 years old and is currently living in California working as a florist. She always sees the glass half full, and enjoys photography, listening to music, and living near the ocean.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Tejal Ladha, Volunteer in Nepal
Tejal Ladha

Tejal Ladha, 25-year-old HR and Admin Manager, volunteered in Nepal with Volunteering Solutions during year 2011. She is from Nairobi, Kenya and attended school at Oshwal Academy. Her hobbies include: mountaineering, swimming, Taekwondo, photography, camping, soccer, and basketball.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Taylor Horton, Volunteer in Nepal
Taylor Horton

Taylor Horton is 19 years old and lives in Freetown, Massachusetts. She just ended high school and will be attending Salem State University in the fall as a psychology major. She enjoys skiing, riding her bike, reading, and being with her family.

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