Celebrate World Environment Day by Volunteering Abroad

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“Our planet’s alarm is going off, and it is time to wake up and take action!” – Leonardo DiCaprio

As we all know, June 5th is marked by UNESCO as World Environment Day – and it’s the time to rekindle our consciousness, and take an active step to protect Mother Earth. This year’s theme is #GenerationRestoration – and the idea is to encourage everyone to join hands in restoring our natural world. Global warming, climate change, noise, and air pollution are major issues that are becoming a threat, not only to humans but also to the environment and wildlife. Hence, it is our responsibility to become conscious and do our bit to save our beautiful blue planet.

We can all contribute in many ways: planting trees, reducing plastic use, conserving water, volunteering abroad for conservation programs, and supporting sustainable practices. Small actions like recycling, using public transportation, and choosing eco-friendly products can make a big difference. Working together can help heal the Earth and ensure a healthier, greener future for future generations.

If you also care about the environment and our planet, then this is your chance to make a difference, get your hands dirty, and be a part of an environmental conservation program. Volunteering Solutions offers meaningful and affordable Environment Conservation Programs in different parts of the world, being a part of which, one can directly get involved in protecting and nurturing Mother Nature.

Here are the best ways in which you can travel and volunteer abroad for a meaningful conservation program:

1. Environmental Conservation in Sri Lanka

Location – Galle.

environment conservation sri lanka

Being a volunteer for the conservation program in Sri Lanka, you’ll actively contribute to improving the health of our natural environment. Your efforts will encompass a variety of important activities, such as mangrove reforestation, organic farming, recycling education, coral restoration, beach and river cleanups, and creating eco-friendly products. Each of these initiatives plays a crucial role in protecting and restoring our planet.

You’ll be working alongside professional conservations, and gain first-hand knowledge about mangrove reforestation, organic farming, recycling education, coral restoration, beach, and river cleanups, and building eco-friendly products that benefit the environment.


2. Forest Conservation Volunteer Program, Madagascar

Location – Nosy Komba.

forest_conservation madagascar

Living and working in Madagascar is a dream for all, and being a part of this program, you will have the chance to learn about the local environment and help monitor the diverse wildlife in Nosy Komba. You’ll receive training in species identification, conducting field surveys, setting up equipment, and collecting data. You’ll be guided by professional conservationists throughout the trip, making it an incredible opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences. Not only that, but it’ll also be a chance for you to work for lemur conservation, understand the ecology and habits of the reptiles on the island, as well as educate the local communities about the importance of environmental conservation.


3. Coral Reef Restoration and Scuba Diving Volunteer Program, Indonesia

Location – North Bali.

coral reef restoration bali

For all those adventure lovers, if scuba diving has been there on your bucket list – or if you wish to get closer to the world under water and contribute towards marine conservation, this program is perfect for you. Here, you will join a local dive team responsible for monitoring and maintaining the health of coral reefs around the island. If you are not a certified scuba diver, you can take an Open Water Scuba course during the first week of the program.

Once you master scuba diving skills, you’ll become part of the coral restoration team, serving as a frontline member of the grassroots community-based coral restoration effort. Apart from that, you will also help the local team with data collection, and spend adequate time with the local communities, teaching them about the basis of marine conservation and its importance.


4. Turtle and Environment Conservation, Costa Rica

Location – Osa Peninsula.

turtle conservation costa rica

Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica is known to be the breeding ground for the Olive Ridley and Pacific Green Turtles, and being a volunteer for this program, you’ll get a chance to closely observe these endangered species. Located at the far south Pacific tip of Costa Rica, this is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. Home to Corcovado National Park, it boasts a wide range of distinct ecosystems, including old-growth primary rainforests, palm forests, mangrove swamps, and coastal and marine habitats. This diversity supports a vast number of native, endemic, and migratory species.

The Osa Peninsula alone harbors an estimated 2.5% of global biodiversity, with around 250,000 plant and animal species, over 300 of which are found nowhere else on Earth. This project actively contributes to five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), helping to support and maintain a healthy planet, and what can be better than contributing towards this program to celebrate World Environment Day?


5. Horse Patrolling and Environmental Conservation Program, Portugal

Location – Porto.


Horse riding is one thing, but volunteering with these animals is a completely different experience. Being a volunteer, you will be immersed in an authentic farming and forest experience, surrounded by nature. Your main tasks will be to help the local staff as well as the local youth community and support the hippotherapy classes, giving a hand in the vegetable garden, patrolling the forest on a horse to prevent fires, supervising local kids on their educational summer camps, etc.


6. Beach Conservation Program, Ghana

Location – Axim.

beach conservation ghana

If you wish to take a volunteer trip where you can also spend adequate time by the beaches, then this program is the best choice for you! While Ghana is known for its wildlife, we bet you’ll fall in love with the beaches too. With increasing tourism and a lack of awareness among locals, a lot of garbage is accumulated in the country, which often gets dumped into the ocean. Locals are barely aware of the environmental hazards that are caused by water pollution, and as a volunteer, you will be actively working to protect the beaches and spreading awareness about environmental conservation.


So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to volunteer and also make people aware of the consequences of environmental and sea pollution. You can also gain first-hand international work experience while volunteering with a bunch of enthusiasts, meet some amazing people from different parts of the world, and work towards making this world a better place to live!

For more information, you can drop us a mail at [email protected] and our Program Advisors will get back to you!

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