Medical & Healthcare Volunteer in South Africa

Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy the local trips to heritage sites and bustling markets in town.
  • Visit some of the best tourist hot-spots in Cape town; such as the Table Mountain, Robben Island, Lion’s Head, etc.
  • Enjoy the adventurous side of the city during exciting safari trips.
  • Take the garden route to experience the tranquility of road trips.
  • Volunteer work at hospitals to learn about the medical facilities and procedures in South Africa.
  • Get an opportunity to acquire immense hands-on experience and acquire international work experience. 
  • Try out some of the best local cuisines in South Africa.


Volunteers joining the medical and healthcare program in South Africa work in healthcare clinics and centers located in Cape Town as well as suburban community areas. Day hospitals and health care centers provide medical care to the local community members. These are facilities for the poorer people or people who in general can't afford private medical care. The services provided are of a minor nature and they cater for out-patients. No major operations are performed here. Various awareness and support programs are also offered at the clinics. Some of these include HIV / AIDS awareness, special child care and health living (nutrition) as day-to-day medical care. Counseling services are also offered at these centres. Medical staff includes nurses, doctors, social workers and counselors etc. This is an amazing opportunity for medical students practitioners looking for international work experience.

Volunteers can also concentrate on other areas within the clinic; such as, special awareness and information programs. Counseling sessions and programs are also offered and medical volunteers can observe and get some exposure in this area. This is a very challenging environment but would offer an opportunity to assist in various areas within the clinic. It is important that medical volunteers first get acquainted with the environment and assist wherever help is required. Also keep in mind that some of these centres are understaffed and might seem chaotic at times. Busy times will vary and you should be willing to adapt in these instances. Volunteers are also expected and encouraged to use their initiative at the project.

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